1979 Dracula Starring Frank Langella

by Loren
(Maine, US)

My favorite vampire movie of all time is the 1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella. It was an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful movie, full of romance and passion.

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A great storm rages, and the lunatics at Seward Sanitarium in Whitby are restless. Lucy Seward goes to help her father Jack while the sickly Mina Van Helsing ...

I had never seen vampires portrayed this way. Frank Langella seemed destined to play Count Dracula in this Dracula movie. Far from the homely and disgusting Count of yore, he is instead a gorgeous, captivating vampire with a flair for the ladies.

And the ladies, in particular Lucy and Mina, respond readily to his debonair style.

The opening scene of the 1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella is of the shipwreck that brings Count Dracula to England’s shore. Right from the start you can tell it is going to be a moody and beautiful Dracula film.

I believe Francis Ford Coppolla’s The Black Stallion came out around this time also, which I consider, along with “Dracula” one of the most beautiful films ever made.

Laurence Olivier plays Professor Abraham Van Helsing in the vampire film. His understated performance almost steals the film. Each time I watch it, I am struck by something new in Mr. Olivier’s portrayal of Van Helsing.

There is a particularly stunning scene early in the film, where-in Count Dracula arrives at the home of Dr. Jack Seward. The viewer watches as four gorgeous black horses pull a black carriage up to the front door.

You cannot see a coach driver; it’s as if the horses are being directed by someone’s will alone. Then you watch as black leather boots step down from the carriage. It is a striking and ominous scene.

This Count Dracula movie is a must see for anyone who considers themselves a vampire fan. Take the time to find 1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella and watch it, and you will not be disappointed.

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