1985 Lifeforce Movie

by John
(Rio Grande Town/Albuquerque New Mexico)

Vampire Movie Review - 1985 Lifeforce Movie

Now here is a brilliant, underrated and unique cult Sci-fi horror thriller from Tobe Hooper (Director of Poltergeist and the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and written by Dan O'Bannon (Heavy Metal, Alien, Total Recall, Return of the Living Dead) as it's a refreshing and appealing new twist on the vampire lore.



Director Tobe Hooper adapts Colin Wilson's edgy novel The Space Vampires in this in this horror/sci-fi epic with a cult following. A MUST have for your collection.

Lifeforce stars Patrick Stewart in a minor role and the lovely Matilda May in her debut as it tells the story of UK and US astronauts who investigate Haley's Comet as they discover an old spaceship with dead bat-like aliens and three nude humanoids (one female and 2 males) preserved in energy crystals.

They are brought back to Earth for research. Soon, in London, they wake up just as the three creatures, including the sexy female leader, start to drain energy from humans to turn them into fast moving zombies that start to infect London.

Only a surviving American astronaut named Carlson with 2 friends and a modern Van Helsing-like professor must stop these vampire creatures from taking over the world.

Erotic and very original story that has nudity, gory violence and a quality storyline. Lifeforce gives a new lore to the vampire and zombie myths as the three humanoid aliens in this movie were the ones responsible for our vampire and zombie legends.

They came to Earth before thousands of years ago and became the origin to the vampires of myths including Count Dracula even to succubuses and zombies.

However the vampires in Lifeforce are very alien as they aren't the undead for they have no fangs and don't suck blood but rather use electric powers in their mouths to suck out the energy/souls/lifeforces out of humans to make them into zombies.

They are the fast moving kind before the ones you saw recently on Zombieland, the Dawn of the Dead remake.

These intergalactic vampires do have qualities like Dracula lore ones where they can become electric mist, turn into bat-like alien beasts with fangs and can be killed the old way with a leaded sharp iron metal shaft penetrating through two inches below the heart.

If "Twilight" can show us that vampires can be "different", then I suggest you rent lifeforce or add it to your vampire movie collection to prove that there are different vampire myths out there and not all of them are the bloodsucking fanged stereotypes like you see in movies and TV shows.

If you want something different and want a break from the neckbiting vampires then the 1985 Lifeforce movie is for you.

I adored Lifeforece since high school in the 90's and showed me that vampires can be different in myth.

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