Acceptance Of A Monster. - Vampire Poetry

by Luke
(Kilcoy, QLD, Australia)

Acceptance Of A Monster. - Vampire Poetry

Scarlet, the remover that imprisons,
only all I hold dear.
Darkness, the giver that frees,
only all the things I doth fear.

Winds chilling to the bone,
slipping on min breathless voice.
Icy water filling min lungs,
as beast and I rune our choice.

Snow, falling on my shoulders,
weighing me down like lead.
Knives of silver rain slicing,
sullen thoughts into min head.

Yews, whose branches form a barbed mesh,
clawing at min flesh.
Clouds, ominous in the sky reflecting,
all min pleas, remorse, undirecting.

Fire, rushing through min blood,
beating a wretched heart.
Blackened by long years of life,
though but t'was only days apart.

Death it seems is weary,
of having to chase after thee.
Instead it sees fit to plague,
the eternity around me.

Those children whom death forgot,
but life saw fit to take.
Those poor bedraggled flowers,
that the world sees fit to brake.

They're living sins in mist,
formed by the sin of love.
For us is a rage unyielding,
that poisons as though a clove.

This light it seepeth in through min skin,
it seers away min emerald eyes.
For love is a poison of spite,
and I know spite never dies.

It liveth on within the minds,
of us plagued by the curse.
For life everlasting is of me,
said the spoon as it ran away with min hurse.

I ask and plead min conscience,
why doth thou make me feel.
Hath not I felt enough,
to grant thee nerves of steel.

I ask for min father's forgiveness,
for being what I am.
For I did not mean what I did,
to that poor sweet Marie-Anne.

Min mother was burnt to hell,
for giving birth to me.
It seems that to societies backwaters,
we all hath had to flee.

We want another world,
that's just and sensible and right.
We want to dewlleth in thine open,
and there not be a civil fight.

And civil is the word I use,
for people we still are.
We should not have to skulk in shadows,
nor be what people fear.

So this rhyme I doth end,
with a plead so dear and dier.
Do not spurn min kind or me,
because we be of vampire!

Acceptance Of A Monster. - Vampire Poetry

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