Alexander, My Love

by Kailey D.

My Alexander <3

My Alexander <3

I was a lonesome goth girl searching for love.
I wanted to fit in like a hand in a glove.
But then I realized that Becky was my only friend.
With no one, we would make amends.
When we are out late at night,
People look at us with terror and fright.
We didn’t really care,
How we dressed, our style, or color of our hair.
We’ve noticed a mansion on top of Benson Hill,
Wondering if it’s fine or broken still.
We decided to sneak in one lonesome night,
I went in alone because Becky was filled with fright.
When I got in, there he was, my black handsome knight!
He saw me, I was scared, I ran to the tip of the stairs.
But then I saw a spider ring on this dark angel’s hand.
But I remembered I gave it to the butler on Halloween night on the front porch I stand.
This can't be real as I ran past this lonesome soul.
I ran and ran til I couldn't run anymore.
Becky saw me running home, after me she ran like a crazy storm.
Later on, I revisited the mansion because "they" sent me an invite.
To have dinner with my knight that night.
We watched the stars hand in hand,
in his heart is where I stand.
We are now together and everything is "dandy."
If I need protection, his fangs are handy..! (;

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