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Anne Rice movies come to life after adaptations from her amazing novels are created. After the popularity of her books, it was little surprise when Anne Rice’s literary works made film breakthroughs.

Rice wrote the screenplay for the film version of her first book in the Vampire Chronicles, Interview with the Vampire.

The movie which was directed by Neil Jordan was released in 1994 and featured Hollywood heavyweights such as Tom Cruise who played the role of Lestat and Brad Pitt who starred as the guilty Louis. Kirsten Dunst who featured as the vampire Claudia, came into the Hollywood limelight after her role in that movie.

Anne Rice movies also include the storyline in her novel known as the Queen of the Damned which was adapted into a movie that was released in February 2001.

This movie also featured popular stars such as Stuart Townsend who appeared as Lestat, the vampire and the late singer/musician Aaliyah as Akasha.

The movie known as the Queen of the Vampires took out excerpts of the storylines in both the Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned, two popular Anne Rice books which are second and third on the list of the Vampire Chronicles.

The movie wasn’t able to achieve the level of success anticipated by experts as it was only grossed $30 million at the American Box Office out of the $35 million production budget.

Anne Rice has a pen name known as Anne Rampling, under which she wrote many books such as Exit to Eden, which was first published in 1985. A comedy-thriller of the same name was adapted from the novel by Hollywood director Garry Marshall.

The movie fused the storyline of the novel with a different comedy storyline which was written by Marshall, with screen plays from Bob Brunner and Deborah Amelon. The movie featured stars such as Dana Delany, who featured as Lisa Emerson and Paul Mercurio as Elliot Slater. Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell also featured as cops in the movie.

Anne Rice films also include Rag and Bone, a TV series which she wrote in 1997 and featured Dean Cain and Robert Patrick. The pilot film was full of characters similar to those that appeared in her vampire novels.

However, our favorite Anne Rice movies will always be centered around her beloved Vampire Chronicles.

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