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I remember it very clearly. The very first time I picked up and began reading my first Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles novel. Or, any of the Anne Rice books period. I had no idea then how that book would forever effect me.

Interview With The VampireThe Vampire LestatQueen of the DamnedTale of the Body ThiefThe Vampire Armand

It was The Queen of The Damned and I had, never before then, heard of Anne Rice or was even remotely aware of the journey I would travel with the Vampire Chronicles.

Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles AuthorI was getting ready for a long road trip and needed something to read in the car when it wasn’t my turn to drive. I perused through the many books I had accumulated over time, either through gifts or purchases, and, being pressed for time, just grabbed the first hard cover book my hand fell upon; The Queen Of The Damned.

I never put that back down again until I had absorbed ever last emotionally wrenching moment. From that moment on, Anne Rice, Vampire Chronicles author, became my favorite author ever.

Her ability to draw readers into her characters personalities makes her works some of the most treasured by fans all over the world. It is her ability to write with such passion and produce quality literary works that makes her one of the greatest authors of vampire lore.

As is the opinion of many people (including me), her books are the best vampire books in their genre. Why? She adds graphic and invigorating detail in her writing making you picture everything in your head like a movie . The characters are just so appealing and Rice just wants to make you know ever single detail about them.

One of main characters of the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles is Lestat. The book is written from a prospective about Lestat’s life that you become so enthralled with him, you feel everything he goes through as you turn page after page after page.

The creation of her character Lestat has chilled, and enthralled readers everywhere.

All of the Anne Rice books have a main character with a life and history so interesting; it makes you wonder how she came up with it all. It takes a huge imagination to write books like Anne Rice. Her works are not the mainstream vampire lore of today. They are books that are hard to put down, they don’t conform and are way beyond the norm of most literature.

The Queen of The Damned and I had, never before then, heard of Anne Rice or was even remotely aware of the journey I would travel with the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles AuthorAnne Rice is legendary in the literary community for her work and her perception on myths about the supernatural. One of the things liked about her work is her ability to bring her life experiences into her books. Interestingly enough, her character Claudia from ‘Interview With The Vampire’ was based on her daughter Michele. She intertwines details of places and experiences in her life, such as the Mayfair House on First St.

A thing that sets Anne apart from other authors is her longevity. People rarely take the time to appreciate how long Anne has been penning incredible Gothic work. The fact that she has sold nearly one hundred million copies makes her one of the most widely published authors in recent history. Let us not forget that she has been twice nominated for novel of the year as well.

I have enjoyed many of her works and look forward to her most current works as well, even if she has moved away from vampires.

How can you go wrong with an Author who has sold nearly one hundred million copies? Her talent is truly legendary.

Anne Rice’s amazing vampire books are all consuming to the reader. If you are a fan of vampires, or tremendous writing in general, believe me, you won’t regret it a single bit. Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles author, one of the greatest writers of all time.

Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles

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