Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

by Peter
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

interview with the vampire

An unusual interview of Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire By Peter R. Salt Lake City, Utah. I guess you have heard stories about darkness, the unknown and the evil. It is not everyday that you have an opportunity to the see the darkness face to face and not necessary be in danger.

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire
Framed Art Print

I am talking about one of my favorite vampire movies ever, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. This vampire tale begins with Louis (Brad Pitt) giving an interview. He lived in New Orleans on the late of seventeen hundreds. On the time he could not overcame his personal problems, Louis had no hope to live, was looking for trouble and to get killed.

That is when he was noticed by a vampire; Lestat. This vampire (Tom Cruise) was looking for company and just happens to find someone who has a death wish.

Lestat gave Louis a choice to die or turn into a vampire and have an immortal life.

Accepting the dark gift Louis started a new life as a vampire and had Lestat as teacher.

Latter on Louis could not accept the idea to feed on people, he just refused to be such monster. He preferred to feed on rats and chicken instead, but still he still could not resist the thirst for human blood.

One night found a little girl (Kirsten Dunst) was sick, he fed on her, Lestat saw the scene and decided to give her the dark gift.

Claudia became a very close friend with Louis, she could not accept the idea to not grow up and have an adult body like everyone else.

She convinced Louis to leave Lestat and kill him. After the attempt to kill Lestat, Louis and Claudia travel around the world looking for information about their kind.

Finally when they gave up hope on finding another vampire, Louis meets a group of vampires; somehow they know they tried to kill Lestat.

Interview With The Vampire continues with the vampires killing Claudia and sealing Louis in a coffin.

Armand (Antonio Banderas) saved Louis from his eternal prison. Louis killed all the vampires to revenge Claudia’s death.

Louis found a teacher in Armand, giving him all the information he wanted. He moved back to America and decided to live alone.

Many years later he runs into Lestat still living and invites him once again to join Lestat.

In the end Lestat finds the interviewer that spoke with Louis and gives him a chance to become a vampire too.

Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire is just an amazing movie, the actors are the best and the story is great. I hope they make a similar one in the future.

interview with the vampire

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