Attracted By Them - Vampire Story

by Sarah

Living as a human is wonderful, but for Eva,it's worst and terrifying.Eva Birmingham is one of the bully victim. Being called as a 'loser','garbage girl','poor bitch',at school makes her feel that she is the most useless human in this world.A daughter of an abusive parents and a drugs dealer have to struggle a lot to make sure every single day is... fine.

One rainy day, Eva made her way to her school(her second hell after home).As she walking past a big mansion, she froze. There's a blood dripping at the big mansion's gate. Full with courage, she pushed the rusty gate and made her entrance to the big white mansion. She glanced around and after that, walks through the main door. Suddenly, she heard a scream. The scream comes from the mansion.
Eva becomes curious and open the main door.

Everything in the mansion looks new and it shocks her because from Eva point of view, the mansion looks like a hundred centuries old. She took a deep breath and started to climb the marble stairs. She made her way to the second floor. She confirmed the screaming voice came from this second floor.

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