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I recently asked the question, 'What are some of the best vampire movies?' While the answers I received where all over the board, many offered some good responses.

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In some cases, the responses didn't really delve into 'why' that particular film is their favorite vampire movie or what exactly makes it so good.

Several people listed Twilight the movie, or the Twilight series, of course. Now before you groan... just keep reading. One response I received was:

"Twilight.Well I haven't watched it... but my classmates, the girls, kept saying they're gonna watch it again and saying how the vampire boyfriend is hot and all that."

Now, why would you go through the trouble of answering the question on good vampire movies if you have NEVER EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE. Seriously, she couldn't have recommended one that she actually saw? Is it perhaps, she never saw a vampire movie in her entire life? And really, she hasn't seen Twilight yet? I young girl still in school that hasn't seen the movie Twilight? Not even at a friends house? I find that interesting.

Two more answers I received when asking for good vamp movies...

"Twilight Series"

"New Moon and Twilight, absolutely romantic movies to be sure."

Now, at least the second answers tells me a little. Apparently the movies were well liked to this responder because of the romantic tones. I'm good with that.

It is also amusing to me that people get so negatively passionate when someone mentions Twilight.

"NOT Twilight!"

"No not twilight, it's not even a vampire movie!"

There were other more colorful remarks but I am sure you get my point. I don't understand why people feel so strongly in their rebuke of this vamp film. Yes, it's different. Yes, the vampires are sparkly but if it's not your cup of tea, it's not your cup of tea. No reason to be angry about it.

That would be like getting upset because not every immortal since Nosferatu looks like well, Nosferatu. That movie is a classic and well liked by many vampire enthusiasts but where would we have been with out the Bram Stokers or the Anne Rice's of the world.

Make a vampire movie and I am going to watch it. Good, bad or indifferent, I'll be there. Here are some additional responses I received on the 'best vampire movies:'

"Good: Interview with The Vampire! Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, & Antonio Banderas. Case Closed."

As editor of this site, I am in full agreement.

...still more quoted responses:

"These are the great ones:

Interview With The Vampire (best)



Van Helsing

Lost Boys

Cronos - Surreal variant on the classic vampire tale telling the story of elderly antique dealer who, with his eight-year-old granddaughter Aurora discovers an ancient artifact secreted within a statue obtained from the estate of a 16th-century alchemist. Unbeknownst to the dealer, the device houses an immortal parasite which will grant eternal life to its host.

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Martin (it's not GREAT but underrated): Perhaps Romero's best, or most unique, film. It is a perfect example of what a director, who has little money, can do with a great idea. Most directors abandon this quality as their career allows them to show more fantastical things.

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LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (This is the original "twilight" twilight is basically a rip off of this movie and novel. again, it's one of the best vampire movies ever made. A masterpiece. Superbly acted and well written. There's a lot of blood though)


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And I also received this answer which pleasantly surprised me. I have not seen this one yet but I now intend to!

"Another off-beat vamp movie is John Landis's Innocent Blood (1992) about a gorgeous female vampire that lives in NYC, and preys only on unwanted or lost people. It stars then supermodel Anne Parillaud as the vamp, and Anthony Lapaglia as the cop who catches one of the homeless murders."

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Gorgeous female vampire preying on lost people... yes I am going to have to check that out.

Well, I asked... you answered. There's your list of the best vampire movies to get you started. Which one is your favorite?

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