Black Bel

by C

We Live in a world that no one can really understand. Thinking and hoping that Supernatural, Vampires, Demons are just a myth. But what is it that really proves us that we're safe?

What is the real thing from our closed mind?
In 1745 in the deep dark woods of an unknown town a beautiful woman was living.
So beautiful… so divine!

She had long black hair that reached her pale tragic form, always with a long black dress on her body. She used to be a kind person, always going to the city, helping people the way she could. One day she got mad on those people…so mad that she wished them death. Yet, she didn't know a real curse, but at her madness she cursed them how she could.

People started to be scared thinking that she might be a witch, so they got to her house deep into the woods and took her into the city burning her alive. While she was dying, no one heard a scream of fear, or help…nothing.

They heard only a sound of a silver bell while she was laughing, exposing her beautiful white teeth, while her eyes turned full red.
Rain started extinguishing the fire while she turned into a crow under the eyes of all the peasants.

That night, her name became…Black Bell.
In 1994 some people from Los Angeles confirmed that she appeared again. They said that they heard her bell-like laugh while seeing her red eyes in the death of night.

So, be careful... a witch might be in town!

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