Blade The Movie

by Jay

My favorite vampire movie is Blade The Movie, the first movie in the Blade vampire series starring Wesley Snipes.

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Most vampire movies in my experience are usually cheesy and derived from Bram Stoker's original telling of the vampire story in his Gothic novel Dracula.

I personally never found that story very interesting apart from it being about vampires and did not even like Francis Ford Coppola's movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.

What makes daywalker Blade the movie interesting for me is the use of science to explain vampirism. In the movie, Karen, a hematologist, discovers than vampirism is caused by a virus.

She invents a way to neutralize the virus, thus killing vampires. This ultimately allows Blade daywalker to combat the forces of evil with science.

In the end of Blade the movie, he defeats the vampire blood god by injecting him with this vampire virus killer.

Another aspect of Blade that I liked was the idea that the vampires had their own underground society led by a ruling council. They were powerful people in regular life who owned multi-billion dollar corporations. They influenced daily life of regular people without them knowing it.

Aside from the interesting story, Blade included great action sequences. Wesley snipes showcased his martial arts skill, deftly wielding all kinds of weapons including his signature sword. The action sequences were well choreographed and interesting.

Sometimes in action movies, the actual action parts can get too drawn out and become boring but Blade balances this just right.

Finally, for its time, the special effects were great. Blade the movie just sucked me right into the whole daywalker Blade universe and has become my favorite vampire movie of all time.

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