Blood The Last Vampire Movie

by Tosh
(Ca, USA)

Do You Like Vampire Movies? Blood: The Last Vampire movie(anime) is worth checking out. Saya is the antagonist in this vampire movie. This is a Japanese anime drawn by hand sharing characteristic of other animes.

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After getting over it's truncated representation of reality that is only natural since drawing every detail of real world is impossible, a lot is left out from the drawings.

But that adds to it's mood and this mood is created by artists, not by accident.

Any atmosphere in this movie is created intentionally and rather meticulously, frame by frame. And that differentiates this vampire movie from other vampire films.

Special effects are excellent nowadays, particularly computer generated animation has come of age and these are incorporated into regular movies.

Vampire movies are no exception. They use a lot of special effects, non-CGA or otherwise.

A vampire has to fly so that alone requires some effect to look like flying.

With digital movie making a director can look at what was captured on screen right after the scene was taken but actors and actresses and a constrain of budget and time place a limit to how many times a director can try to capture what he/she is looking for. He/she has to settle in the end.

Anime production such as Blood The Last Vampire movie shares these constrains but they have a little more leeway in how a movie will look.

The way a scene looks like is almost there in their drawings before these drawings are shot and made into a movie.

All you have to do to see how a movie might look is to look at cells with these drawings on.

Looking into Saya's eyes when she kills is nothing like you would see in an actor's eyes. The way blood drips down Saya's sword is hard to replicate in real life even with a special effect. That is done nicely in anime.

And as anime films go, Blood The Last Vampire movie is top notch.

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by: Anonymous

Antagonist means villain..... shes the protagonist.

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