Born Into A Vampire By Time

Vampire Poetry

Born Into A Vampire By Time

Waiting for the sunset
Waiting for the night.
Waiting for the darkness
Waiting for life.
So long to wait.
So much to wait for.
Finally the day ends.
The world’s mine.
Nothing can stop me.
I’m the night.
There was a time
when I was happy during the day
and afraid in the night.
But that was before I was born.
And I started to forget about day,
right after I was born.
There’s the madness
waiting for every vampire that awakes as
we all stalk the night and take what
the FORSAKEN ones give for
I am now the only one left
so now as I lay here in this grave
I wake to bring all humans to be brave
and not fear me but for them to accept me for
I am the only god that has true meaning and power over all mankind
and one I shall burn into ashes or even find my true lover to see all
around me die and now I am the only one left on this dead earth...

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