Camping - Vampire Short Story

by Antonio
(Baltimore Maryland)

Camping Part I

"I think I heard something in the woods," my best friend said. He was 10, but my birthday was 2 months before his. We grew up together, and he was the only one that I cared greatly for besides my parents.

"Just go back to sleep," I said feeling annoyed.

"Please, that's starting to really scare me," my friend said.

"Fine whatever," I said. My friend had that near-crying voice that I always gave in to. I grabbed my flashlight and my boy scout knife, and we headed outside the tent. Once outside, we heard it again. "Wait here," I said.

"No, I'm coming with," my friend said.

"Could you please just WAIT," I said. That convinced my friend to stay put. I headed into the woods and to where the sound was coming from. I came to a cleared part of the woods where I found Jacob, another one of my friends I met while at this summer camp. He was lying on the ground bleeding from his neck,and woman was on her knees next to him. "What happened to Jacob?" I said.

She turned to look at me and had blood dripping from her mouth. I gripped my knife. "Come here," she said.

"Sorry, but I might do something bad to you," I said.

"Like what?" she said in an soft voice.

"Something like stick a sharpened boy scout knife in your stomach," I said, trying to act tough. I heard foot steps behind me and someone grabbed my arm. It was my friend.


We both took off. We were close to the camp when we heard screaming. We could see in the distance pale women, like the one we saw back there. They were chasing down our friends and biting on their necks. I felt an sense of rage and started to charge.

"WAIT," my friend said. Then the woman with the blood on her mouth we saw earlier grabbed him, bared sharp teeth, sharper than my boy scout knife, and put them into my friend's neck before taking off in the air with him.

I felt tears roll down my face. I charged in my camp with my knife in my hand, screaming in rage. A woman was feeding on an girl. She looked up, and I stabbed her with my blade. Another vampire came up behind me and grabbed me from behind. I was about to share my friend's fate until a woman in an red robe said, "Stop."

Everything was silent. I looked around. All their faces dripped with my friend's blood. The red-robed woman pulled down her hood to reveal red eyes and long blonde hair. She knelt in front of me while the vampire still held on to me. She said in a soft voice, "So ... you are a tough little one, aren't you?"

"I'M GOING TO KILL EVERYONE ONE OF YOU FUCKING FREAKS." That was the first time I had ever said an curse word.

"Ohhh really," she said.

I started thinking about my best friend. More tears came down. "Why?" I said in an weak voice. "Why did you do this?"

She used her thumb to wipe a tear off. "The movies you watch give you false ideas about us. We do age, just like humans, but to keep the human race going they have kids. Well, we can't have kids. So, this is what we do. I tell you what. You'll be my kid." Her teeth grew larger and sharper.

"Wait," I said. "Give me a fighting chance. If I beat you, I go free. If I lose ... well, you already know." My tough guy act came back.

"Cute," she said. "Okay, you have an deal. As soon as the woman let me go, I sped off at a speed I didn't know I had. "BRING HIM BACK," the red-robed woman said. I took an quick look behind me and saw my friends chasing me. They were pale, and their eyes were red.

I out-ran them. It felt like I had the speed of an cheetah. I don't know how long I ran, but I fell and hit my head. I looked up to find my best friend standing over me, teeth bared. I grabbed my knife and put it in his heart. He fell to his knees in front of me.

"Friends forever, right buddy?" My eyes filled with water. That's something we always said to each other. I took the knife out and hugged him, not caring if he would bite me, or not. He did nothing. I looked at him, and he just had a lifeless stare in his eyes. I laid him down and closed his eyes. I laid next to him and began to cry.

Then, the red robed woman pulled me up and hugged me. "It'll be okay. Ssshhhh," she said. She pulled down my collar and eased my head to do side. I just didn't care anymore. Then, a light came out of nowhere -- the sun. She flew off.

Ten days later, no one believes me. Not even my parents. But they're so protective that my curfew is two hours earlier now. I look through my bed room window. I look at the sky. One day ... kill you all.

The end (or is it). Part 2 coming soon ...´╗┐

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Aug 15, 2016
Thanks for the positive feedback NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm glad you liked it :)

Dec 29, 2015
little bad man vampire killer NEW
by: boo boo

very brave boy. cussing, carrying a knife, stabbing a woman and making threats he obviously intends to keep.Lots of cajones for one so young. Great story Antonio.

Nov 08, 2013
!!!! NEW
by: alexis

love it so much and how did you come up with all this i would like to use this in my book that im writeing and trying to get it out to the world and i think i have found some good stories that i want to put it

Apr 21, 2013
good story NEW
by: justin

woah woah watch the cussing good story but it all went by so fast keep writng dude

Apr 21, 2013
good story NEW
by: justin

woah woah watch the cussing good story but it all went by so fast keep writng dude

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