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Vampire Empire Interviews Nathan Squiers

Crimson Shadow: Noir. Vampire Empire had an awesome opportunity to interview Literary Dark Prince and vampire series author Nathan Squiers.

This was a fun interview for us and Nathan, beside being talented, was a great guy. His books are receiving 5 star reviews across the board and the first book of the vampire series actually received 10 out of 5 stars from one book reviewer.

Vampire Empire Interviews Vampire Book Series Author Nathan Squiers

Interviewer (Constance): We are here with Literary Dark Prince and Crimson Shadow series author Nathan Squiers. Welcome Nathan.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here.

Interviewer (Constance): Yay, awesome. Well say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself as an author.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Well, the term author for me has always been a bit of a gimmick in my opinion. I’ve always preferred to just be a storyteller. For me writing just happens to be the best way for me to tell a story. If I could draw I would probably be doing comics, if I could direct film I would probably be doing movies. As it is, writing is what I do best so I move forward as an author and try and write stories or try and tell stories however I can.

Interviewer (Constance): So how did you get into the genre that you’re in? What is your fascination with it?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): : I’d have to say it was a fear of vampires growing up and when I was five or six I was always having my mom check the closets for vampires. I was always convinced that they were hiding under my bed and I’m guessing as the years went on the phobia of them developed into an obsession and one day I just had to start writing about them.

Interviewer (Constance): Well, you know what, while we are on that track, you’re talking about when you were a kid, what was the first vampire movie you ever saw? What do you think it was that triggered that (your fear of vampires)?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): You’re probably gonna laugh at me when I say this...

Interviewer (Constance): Never! :)

Nightly Neighbors
Are You Afraid of The Dark - Nightly Neighbors
Nathan Squiers (Nathan): ...but, a, Nickelodeon’s 'Are you Afraid of The Dark?' had a vampire episode and I say that’s what really did it to me. I was probably 4 or 5 when that went on.

Interviewer (Constance): Wow, that’s actually pretty interesting. OK, well let’s roll right into Crimson Shadow. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the book you have out right now. It just came out May 1st, is that correct?

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): It did. Crimson Shadow: Noir actually started off as a venting project because I had had my own demons at that time. I was, at the time... I had some self-loathing, destructive tendencies and I wanted to sort of vent on this writing project and it was never supposed to go any where past just sort of being a fantasy journal of sorts and as things perpetuated I discovered that the project was actually giving me a great deal of strength and motivation and it drove me to continue to write this character story and as the years went on I’d have to stop and go from various points because some chapters were more painful to write than others and I started to discover that beta readers were doing sample readings on this were getting more out of this than I thought readers would be and I started to think that this really could become something that could motivate others as well as entertain others.

Since then it’s actually spawned a seven book series and has blown up exponentially more than I had intended it to. It did always start off as that sort of personal ventilation system.

Interviewer (Constance): Why don’t you go ahead and tell our (VE) fans what the book is about.

Nathan Squiers (Nathan): Sure, well the book opens up with the character of Xander Stryker who is a very troubled and suicidal young man. Right off the bat you are in his bedroom ‘watching’ him try and kill himself. You discover that this has been his nightly ritual for about 5 years. Trying to play Russian roulette with one of his grandfather’s old revolvers and, if you do the math, for five years playing Russian roulette with one gun you start to see that there is something there that is keeping the hammer from falling on the right chamber and as the story progresses you begin to find out that Xander is tied to this vampire world through his father’s side and you start to see a little bit more of his history, why he’s as tortured and depressed as he because of an abusive history with his stepfather and mother and he finally decides to abandon his humanity and become a vampire and expands himself from there.

...Part II - Crimson Shadow: Noir Author Interview Continued...

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