Custom Vampire Painting

Progress of a Custom Order Painting

We here at Vampire Empire LOVE it when someone orders an original custom vampire painting. Each painting is always so unique and so beautiful. We love to watch each painting come to life.

This page will outline the process of ordering one of our stunning custom fantasy paintings of your very own.

Clients usually find out about our unique service of custom portraits through our custom vampire portraits page found here:

The first step is the customer sending an inquiry to discuss layout, themes, character likeness, price, etc. Then a deposit is made and the order submitted to one of our fine artists.

The artist begins by creating a sketch for approval.

Below is the first artist sketch for a painting in progress. The couple in the sketch will be created in the likeness of the client.

Details are included for the artist to design by.

In this example, the client had very specific instructions (not always the case) and specifically wanted a tree overhang. She wanted the night and star reflection dancing on the water. Spanish moss is to be in the tree and lily pads.

The trees and flowers are to look like they have little lights dancing in and off them.

The couple need to seem in love with the guy (her real life fiance) to have a vampire feel to him and herself to be in white or light colors and to appear innocent, pure good or wholesome.

The guy is to appear as if he adores her yet seems to be protective of her as if guarding her.

Our artist created the first sketch from those guidelines.

custom vampire painting in progress

After reviewing with the client (we encourage all our clients to stay well informed in the creative process), these are the changes to be made: She wants her man dressed more like the male figure in grey tights and boots. A black low cut shirt with crisscross string in the V of the shirt.

She said she wants to change his position to be more standing in front of her and less behind her (maybe more guarding? she wasn't quite clear).

Last thing she said is she would like her dress less poofy. I think the dress is gorgeous and told her it would be stunning in the final piece but she wants it more form fitting while still remaining white.

Can't wait to see the next sketch for review! Will share the final painting when complete too!

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