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by Gillan

Review - Daybreakers Movie

The year 2010 has just begun and the first vampire movie of the year shows up on the screens. Twisted, bloody, and also socially committed, Daybreakers appears as if it will bite the competition. Entertainment barbarous times, but still attractive.

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In the near future, vampires rule the earth, human beings used as mother cows kept to drink their blood. If the stocks are exhausted, the tests in survivors of the ruling race of age must be carried out.

Despite its superior range, Edward (Ethan Hawke) is in solidarity with the refugees, complaining that his heart is not in it. Through a series of events, he ends the support of the Alliance of Minority Rights Elvis (Willem Dafoe), who could find an antidote to all the vampires again in normal individuals.

A film like Daybreakers will be evaluated differently. The thrill that that has already been seen dozens of times in a story is similar, but the fun rhythm and their lack of originality of the premise of Gore's spectacular is deadly balanced.

As they have in their previous concerns as living dead, the Australian duo of Directors composed of Michael and Peter Spierig, enjoy the heart pumping terror of tearing off arms and heads, giving them the staging of a Gothic atmosphere. Ask the Daybreaker players (which also includes Sam Neill) of delirium without taking it too seriously.

The filmmakers not only offer a simple guilty pleasure but, to gild the pill, it is grounded in social reality, a bit like George A. Romero at a later date. It is so easy to replace the blood with oil or water.

From the beginning, the sound of homeless people are heard literally dieing of thirst. The fact that humanity is headed by vampires or humans doesn't really matter. The result remains the same; man is a fool devoted to killing their fellow human beings.

Some sequences remind us even more introspectively of historical matters of the last millennium. In the presence of mention is Ethan Hawke who spends his time smoking, like in the old American black and white movies.

The search for normality of the moment in a society that tolerates no differences. In Daybreakers movie, of course, there were moments of deep and simplifying unnecessary trigger questions.

These disadvantages are low but what could have been another blockbuster, comes up empty, which means Daybreakers only exists to show the king dollar. It is a less conventional entertainment than expected. The paid for hemoglobin is balanced by a certain moral depth.

And to reach the female audience, in the Daybreakers movie, the vampire hero Edward has the same name as the one of Twilight!

daybreakers movie

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by: Rohan

Please make sequel to these movie.

Um... OK
by: Constance

I understand most of what you are saying. I do have to agree with your last line. I thought the same thing when first hearing of the movie before it opened. A vampire names Edward... now where have I heard that before? ;)


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