The Daybreakers Movie

A Vampire Film With Bite

The Daybreakers movie? Can it be? Hmmmm, a vampire movie premise where the vampires are actually increasing their existence in record numbers? Well, it's about time!

Spoiler Alert: Upon overwhelming request from our readers, the last surviving human is posted towards the end of this article.

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Written and directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig, the Daybreakers movie showed promise of being a hell of a ride.

Set in the future, 2019 to be exact, the world has been over run by vampires. Come on, it could happen!

But what happens when most of the humans have been sucked dry of their blood or turned? Someone better figure out a synthetic blood alternative and figure it out quick. That, or a cure for vampirism.

daybreakers Ethan Hawke stars as Edward (hmmmm, vampire Edward, where have I heard that before?) a researcher assigned to doing just that. A hematologist, blood expert, who shows signs of empathy for his mortal co-stars. Yes, he's been turned but he's one of the good guys (think Angel from the Buffy series only not as pretty ;)

Plus, they give Ethan, and the other vampire cast, these really cool looking vampires eyes. Kind of a glowing brownish amber daybreakers contact lens. I just thought their eyes looked really cool.

Some of the other major players of this film are Sam Neill, Australian actress Claudia Karvan and Willem Dafoe. Sam Neill's character, Charles, plays head of a corporation trying to profit on humanity, or rather the lack there of it. Dafoe plays one of the last surviving human outlaws whose characters name is Elvis.

This vampire movie also stars Isabel Lucas, a mortal trying to survive and oh, yeah, did I mention really hot, trying to stay alive, rebel?

Most vampire films have the powerful vamps laying low, trying to blend and go undetected to survive (OK, maybe not 30 Days of Night. That was a gore fest) but this film takes the vamps out into the light, so to speak, and brings them up front and center.

From what we can gather, the vamps are trying to live normal, or as normal as a vampire can, lives but without human blood they revert back to something very un-human.

Daybreakers last surviving human Spoiler Alert: Alison Bromley played by Australian actress Isabel Lucas is rumored to be the last surviving human of the Daybreakers movie. That simply just isn't true.

Dafoe and Hawke survive along with Claudia Karvan, the last surviving human.

end alert.

If you like this film, feel free to visit the rest of our pages on vampire movies. Have you seen them all?

Daybreakers movie opened in theaters January 8, 2010 across the country.

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