DEEP SMILE - Vampire Poetry

by Alejandra Alvarez


Your velvet skin, soft to the touch.
Your eyes so dark and cold, no light,
You look at me with intense eyes,
Your lips curled up to give a SMILE,
Instead your eyes wander to my neck,
Your eyes widen with a scare,
And bite DEEP into my neck
What to do, why can’t I run!
I’m lost, in a trance of that DEEP SMILE.
I want to run but find no help.
My body decides to stay with you,
where it finds comfort and warmth.
You remove your lips from my neck,
leave no trace of blood. but the drop next to your lip
your eyes are closed, DEEP SMILE,
sign of enjoyment, your eyes open
but now red, you pull me close, said it’ll be okay.
I’m still full of fear, but no hope to run,
because you make me believe that your all I need.
I give into temptation, only to find more fear,
you tell me a secret, “I no longer live”.
But find my self not grieving,
just taking it in.
hoping to wake from a nightmare.
You say you have to go,
He walks right out the door,
turns around and yells he’ll be back for me.
He disappears leaving me stunned.

I grasp the little hope I have of living,
and find my self alone
in the room, with no one else.
hoping to wake from a nightmare.
I cry clueless of what to do.
Wanting to see your DEEP SMILE.
I rise and try to follow him,
but fall back down.
I fall into a DEEP sleep.
Dreaming about him,
but his DEEP SMILE craws into my dream.
Making it into a nightmare.
I find my self screaming
and wake with a scare.
but I just lay there for my life has no meaning,
without his DEEP SMILE.

DEEP SMILE - Vampire Poetry

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