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Sexy Female Vampire Art

Another Vampire Empire Exclusive! You will not find this female vampire art work any where else. We proudly bring you beautiful female vampire images of Draculas Brides. The sexy Brides of Dracula vampire artwork created as custom fantasy vampire art.

draculas brides
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art
of Jessica Gaude

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How is it that three vampire brides who are duplicated to feed on your flesh can be so damn sexy and alluring?

It is said the purpose of the seductive Brides of Dracula is to serve Dracula and provide him companionship. What vampire art gallery would be complete without Dracula’s Brides?

These three beautiful fictional characters were originally created in Bram Stokers 1897 novel 'Dracula.' Aren't we glad?

This piece you see here is an original custom vampire painting.

The interesting thing about this is one of the brides is a rendering of a likeness taken from a photograph of a client and transformed into a commissioned art piece of the Brides of Dracula. How fun is that?

Dracula’s Brides were said to have lived in the castle with Count Dracula. They were exquisitely beautiful, seductive and alluring.

The novel states that one of these sexy vampire women is a blonde and the other two have dark hair. Many of the movies based off the Dracula novel contain one blonde, one red head and one brunette as duplicated in this vampire artwork.

female vampire artThe features in this fantasy vampire art piece are exquisite. The artist used tremendous detailing throughout and pain stakingly on the fabrics of the dresses.

The main beauty of the three is the blonde. Although all three vampire women are very powerful, the blonde female vampire is in charge and has first right to feed on any intended victims.

Custom Vampire Painting

Editors Note: The blonde vampire in the painting is a likeness of me used from one of my photos. If you would like to learn more about being immortalized in a beautiful piece of vampire artwork, please visit our custom vampire paintings page.

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