Dreams and Blood - Vampire Short Story

by Danalee

Dreams and Blood

Anna was tossing and turning all over her princess sized bed. Sweat covering her face and loud thunder filling the small room. What could she be thinking or better yet what could she be dreaming?


She was walking down the stoned path where tombstones surrounded her with the mist below her feet. Walking further in the dark, misty graveyard she feels as if she is supposed to look for something or someone but who? Before she could think any further she heard a someone scream from a distance. Her first thought was to turn back but before she knew it her legs started running towards the sound of the scream. She tried to run the other direction but it seemed like her legs ain't listening. Suddenly her foot got intertwined in a vine and fell down on her face. "are you alright?" came a voice. She lifted her head only to see a shadowing figure among the mist walking straight towards her. Swishing her chocolate brown hair aside to see a young handsome boy appear out of the mist. His skin had a milky shade of white, had spiky jet black hair and he had a scrawny body unlike Anna who had tanned skin and wavy hair. he reached his hand to help Anna get up "thank you."
"no problem" staring at her with his deep emerald eyes. Intense to break the silence Anna said "my name Is Anna. What's yours?" but the boy didn't answer he just kept staring at her as if in a trance. "hello!" Anna said snapping him out of it. Shaking his head out of his trance he said "sorry, I... Was just feeling a little hungry." Anna was confused by that remark but decided to ignore it she said "um I'm sorry but I'm kinda lost can you help me?" a smile spread across his face"the question is can you help me?" Anna stared at him in confusion "I dont understand" he began to interwind his fingers with hers and pulled her closer to him "you don't need to understand... You just need relax."um... Ok?" Anna didn't understand what he meant by that but her mind can't seem to think of anything else write now (other than the boy who she doesn't even know is holding hands with her). He went over to sit at the stoned bench and pulled her to sit beside him. "your a sweet girl, a unique girl but you don't fit into this world very well because your to different... But listen: there is nothing wrong with being different, it only makes you special." Anna was amazed at what he said, she started to wonder how he knew that much about her considering they never met. "your a dreamer Anna" the boy continued "you dream to get away from reality because you know it hurts... Just like when your mother died and your father married some slut from California the minute your mom died." fighting away tears she took a deep breath and asked " how do you know this?" the boy chuckled "it hurts doesn't it" Anna glared at him with her hazel eyes pretty much wanting to scream but she can still feel the croakiness in her voice and she didn't want him to know how sad she felt. "poor little Anna, all alone and no one to talk to. It must be depressing" the boy said mockingly while trying to stroke her cheek which made her look away so he won't see her watery eyes. Anna stood up and started walking off but he pulled her arm back to him "listen" the boy said grudging on to her wrist. "I don't wanna listen, just leave me alone." Anna tried to back away but the boy was stronger. "shh, relax I can change that" The boy said as he stroked her hair. "change what?" the boy leaned even closer as he gently put a strand of hair behind her back to whisper "your life." Anna stared at him abit puzzled "I don't understand" the boy pulled her hair back and put his lips on hers. "you don't have to just relax... And you won't feel a thing" before Anna could ask him what he meant he was already sucking blood from her tendered neck. Anna cried in pain, struggling to free herself but it was no use. She lost her energy, she began to feel drained of blood. The minute he let go she tumbled on the ground, her neck oozing and her body lifeless. He knelt down besides her and reached out a vile of red liquid from his pocket. He popped open the vile and poured it down her mouth, the minute she felt the taste of iron in her mouth she began to moan "what are you-" but she was cut off "shh, just relax and by the time you wake up you'll finally feel the happiness you never got." the last thing Anna saw was the boy's face before she rested her eye lids.


Anna suddenly woke up by the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning, it took her awhile to observe her surroundings to realize that she is in her bedroom. She slowly slipped out of bed and slowly to her long, silvered framed mirror and took a god look at herself. She sighed with relief "it was just a dream" she mumbled to herself. Suddenly her neck felt itchy so she reached up to her neck and felt a strong sting. When she looked down her hand she was shock to find it covered in blood. "hello Anna" came a voice from behind, Anna quickly turned around to find the same boy from her dream standing in front of her. "what did you do?" a smile crept across his face "turned you to vampire." Anna felt petrified for a moment but then she asked "why? Because you need blood?" the boy looked into her hazels eyes with his own pair of emerald eyes as he said "no because you need love... I can give you that." "but you don't even know me, how are you so sure you want to be with me for all eternity" the boy took a few steps closer "I know more about you then you think... That's how I knew I cared about you." Anna as usual didn't get exactly what he meant "I don't understand" the boy laughed and gave her a nice smile "you don't have to... Just relax" he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned closer to place his lips upon him. She tried to push back but he was to strong for her so after a while of struggling she finally excepted defeat. She can honestly say that that night was the happiest night of her life...

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Feb 07, 2016
Needs editing NEW
by: Anonymous

The improper grammar and style of this piece makes it almost unreadable. What writer doesn't know that the first word of every sentence is capitalized and when new paragraphs should begin? Quotations generally come as a new paragraph and the structuring of sentences needs to be corrected. Numerous incorrect word usages such as "your" instead of "you're," and "excepted" instead of "accepted." The writer needs to get the basics right before submitting stories. No editor would accept it simply due to these basic mistakes even if the story itself is good. This is written to help this writer improve the piece so that it might be publishable.

Dec 29, 2015
fandamntastic NEW
by: boo boo

This is a great story,made me wish I was the vampire doing the biting.Write another story like this one soon.

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