Dusk Till Dawn Movie

by Aaron

My favorite vampire movie is the From Dusk Till Dawn movie. When I hear the words campy horror, a specific handful of names will come to mind. One of them is Rodriguez and Tarantino's From Dusk Till Dawn.

Though it is extremely silly (in a good way), gory and so far into the red zone that it is at times just shy of black. The film not only delivers the goods, but it gives them with a descent sense of dark humour, a sensational make up effects job and a cast of characters that you really end up kind of liking more than you should.

It is a very hot day in Texas when the From Dusk Till Dawn movie starts. Seth and Richard Gecko are the most notorious bandits in the state and are responsible for the deaths of many people after blowing up a liqueur store in the town of Big Springs.

They know they have to get over the border before the FBI get them. The Gecko Bros highjack an old priest and his family who have a big RV and devise a plan to get across the border.

After they do this, the gang heads for a bar with the degrading name Titty Twister which is inconveniently in the middle of nowhere.

There they plan to have a night of drinking and partying, but all is not as it seems to be. All the staff and dancers of TT turn out to be vampires. In a few moments of extreme gore they kill everyone but our heroes and a couple of bikers.

There are a lot of other things to say about the From Dusk till Dawn movie, many of them good. From Dusk Till Dawn is not one to be missed. As Rodriguez says, it is a good film to get drunk on with friends at night, just don't make it a date movie.

from dusk till dawn

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