Edward Cullen Is This Girl's Best Friend

by Helen PATRICIA Oates
(Baton Rouge, LA, USA)

Edward Cullen Is This Girl's Best Friend

Edward Cullen, having once been human and now Vampire, is a well-rounded individual. He gives of himself with honesty, tenderness, strength, self-control, and affection.

His ability to express himself with intelligence and wisdom is far beyond his human years. This indicates that reading and study are part of his everyday Vampire life.

Being a Vampire in a family that most likely encouraged scholarship before their change, clearly shows his pursuit of excellence in several areas of his personality.

Edward Cullen's sense of style shows a man/Vampire who relishes quality fabrics and cuts that particularly suit him. The grays and blacks show his complexion to perfection. And, the occasional touches of red are most delightful.

It is clear that Edward Cullen fully appreciates the enigma in his relationship with his dear Bella. They either must grow in uneven ages to her death – he still fresh and youthful, and Bella growing old gracefully, as she surely would. Or, Edward Cullen must truly make Bella his own – a Vampire.

In conclusion, Edward Cullen is a man/Vampire one would surely want to keep and cherish for his lifetime. Since his lifetime is for eternity, then one should be willing to step up and accept the challenge – Vampire-hood for herself.

And, I surely would.

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