Edward Cullen vs Typical Male Teen

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Hot Edward Cullen

Hot Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen vs Typical Teen

Edward Cullen vs Typical Male Teen

Recently I came across and article written by ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO titled 'Why teenage boys suck more than vampires.' I have to tell you, I found it an interesting read.

Alexandra hit on so many accurate key points, I had to laugh. She asked the question, "Why does the fictional hero win out every time?" Then went on to ask, "Edward Cullen is a blood-sucking vampire. He's rock hard, marble cold to the touch and minus a heart beat. He lives on animal blood. So what makes him so appealing to teenage girls?"

Her answers were obvious if you have had the misfortune of selecting from the some of the choices of teenage boys of today. This does not apply to all and no offense meant. ;)

According to the article teenage girls today have their choice of three types, give or take.

The first type she describes is the beer-swilling Neanderthal who is more concerned about how he is perceived by his friends than winning a girl's affection. These boys think passing wind counts as humour and everything they say is punctuated with some sexual innuendo.

We ALL know this boy. We ALL have been subjected to him. And guess what ladies? This type does not get much better into adulthood. The beer-swilling Neanderthal boys grow up to be beer-swilling Neanderthal men. Maybe that is the reason why the 'Twimom' came into extistance. Just some food for thought. ;)

The second type Alexandra describes is the type of boy who is more concerned about his image than spending time with a girlfriend. She indicates that these types are well too aware of their effect on women and usually uses it to their advantage. Scratch the surface and you won't find much substance.

The final type of teenage boy available today, the decent guy that confuses you more than appeasing you. You never know what he's thinking and end up second guessing yourself and the relationship.

What does this have to do with our Edward? This is where the article shines stating for a start, Edward Cullen is not a commitment phobic. His devotion to Bella is impressive. He opens car doors for her, is always attentive to her needs and does not presume to take her out without first meeting her father.

Edward Cullen is a classic gentleman. And he has no difficulty articulating his emotions. What's more, Edward is never confused about his role - he is comfortable as protector and provider. He is impeccably groomed and never has to be lectured about hygiene. He exercises superhuman control in keeping his relationship with Bella chaste, though he does fly into a rage whenever Bella's safety is compromised.

Leaving me to reiterate the most accurate key point... Let's face it - the average teenage boy doesn't stand a chance against Edward Cullen.

- end article Edward Cullen vs Typical Male Teen

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Jul 21, 2010
edward possibly an idiot.
by: Anonymous


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