Edward Cullen - Why I Love Edward

by Audrey Kloepping
(South Hill, Virginia, USA)

Edward Cullen - Why I Love Edward

One: He's a vampire, and all vampires are freaking awesome.

Two: He's not related to St. Bernards, and French poodles or anything like that.

Three: He's had green eyes. GREEN EYES. Squee!

Four: He smells awesome. Way better than Jacob.

Five: He gets jealous, which is very sexy. So, what's sexier than a vampire named Edward? A jealous vampire named Edward. :D

Six: He can freaking buy you a car if you let him.

Seven: He would willingly pay your college tuition.

Eight: Come on. Isn't it just so sexy how he speaks?

Nine: He's funny. "Penguins. Lovely." And, "I bit a pillow. Or two." Or, "I'm just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object." Or that one time in Eclipse when he sees the car radio from New Moon under Bella's desk and he says in mock horror, "You killed it." Or something like that.

Ten: He's too much of a gentleman to lemon with you before marriage. (A/N: "lemon with you" XDD that's my new thing.)

Eleven: He has temper problems, which I also find incredibly sexy.

Twelve: He's gorgeous (A/N: Although we really only have Robert Pattinson as a guide, and Robby is far from gorgeous) and while looks aren't everything, it's still nice. :D

Thirteen: He loves Bella enough to piss off the Volturi.

Fourteen: He was stalking Bella in Port Angeles that way she wouldn't get into trouble. Isn't that so awesome?

Fifteen: He would throw himself in front of an army of crazed, new born vampires to save Bella. Squee!

Sixteen: He'd also throw himself in front of a bullet to save Bella, although we all know perfectly well that dear ol' Edwee is bullet proof.

Seventeen: He does have a Volvo

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Nov 27, 2011
by: Samantha Purkins, North East England.

hi my name is Sam ( i get called Sam instead of Samantha ) and hardly anyone likes twilight in my school so i made a list why you should either like Jacob or Edward(squee) and the Edward one is a lot like yours. Come on he has a frikin Volvo. i just wanna ask is living in America awesome because i wanna move somewhere in America ( i frikin 14 and i dont know how to spell the best country in the world ) justbto get rid of the constant weather change here... VOLVO!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!

Jul 20, 2010
by: Constance

Hey... Constance here, Vampire Empire Editor and Owner. Thank you for your awesome submission. I enjoyed reading it. Your pic is great too.

In case you are curious, I had to change your title as we have received two other prior submissions with the same title as you.

Feel free to submit more Edward stuff. After all... you can never have too much Edward! ;) XD

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