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THE Win Edward Cullens ring contest has ended and it was AWESOME! The prize? Bella's engagement ring.

For the official press release on the Winning Announcment on Cullens ring, feel free to go to: http://www.vampire-empire.com/vampires-in-the-news-winner-of-bellas-ring-announced.html

The Edward Cullens ring as decribed in the Twilight saga is yellow gold however this video depicts the white gold. Winner of the contest will have their choice of either white gold or yellow. Ours choice the white gold. Simply stunning!

Experience your romance with Edward Cullen in a whole new way when you slip on Bella's Engagement Ring TM! You'll love showing off the radiant stones in this elegant, domed-oval, gold jewelry. In true Victorian-era design, yours is created by master artisans with an open-work gallery and a finely polished edge that surrounds the brilliant faceted stones. How exciting for you to own the only, Original, Bella's Engagement Ring TM in the world! We are happy to present it in two colors, yellow or white gold. Edward Cullens proposal is described as gold, so if you want your ring to be exactly like Bella's, choose Yellow Gold; or if you prefer the silver or white-gold look, choose White Gold.

Contest began Saturday June 26 and ended Sunday July 11.

Winning Submission:

Ring Of My Heart

I want Edward Cullens ring because it is a symbol. A symbol not only of Edward and Bella’s relationship but a symbol of Cullens himself; it represents the depth of their unlikely relationship.

A relationship felt so deeply that at its very beginnings, He could hardly touch Bella without putting them both at risk.

This exemplifies how unmistakably genuine their relationship was, because while it lacked romantic physicality, their love bonded them more than anything ever could. That bond is represented in Edward Cullens ring.

In addition, it is a true expression of Edward Cullens inner self. The ring is his mother’s, a symbol of his commitment to family and his ties to the human world.

It represents his sense of moral virtue. He wants to be the gentleman and marry Bella, even when he doesn’t have to.

However, he knows that what he and Bella have is real, and that it is something to be both embraced and celebrated.

The Twilight series is the tale of a journey through love. This is a journey through temptation, threat, and despair – all with the heat of passion and the power of love guiding the way.

This ring would mean the world to me and my boyfriend who are on our own journey through love. We fell in love five short months before he was sent to a military school 3,000 miles away.

We have stayed together, and ever since, every moment we have with each other has become a blessing.

When we had just one night together for my birthday, he took me to see New Moon. More recently, just before leaving on his latest Naval training, we saw Eclipse together.

After seeing the way my heart shone and my eyes lit up during the engagement scene, he mentioned how he wished he could afford to buy me one like Bella’s. However, he knows that he already has my heart, and that that’s more than enough for me.

Regardless, I know that having this ring would be a blessing to us both, and would serve as a symbol of our love and commitment to each other, just as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have shown theirs.

Written by - Melissa

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