Everyone has a angel (After final editing)

by Alex Evers

Everyone has an Angel, a guardian who watches over us. Here to fight our battles and to whisper from our hearts, we don’t know what form they’ll take, one day an old man - another a little girl.

The leeches of the devil, an almighty dictatorship of evil on earth portrayed in hideous manners are the vampire. Those bodies that never seem to come to light when someone’s reported missing? They’re not dead. They’re not pillaged by the creatures that roam the soil, but instead reborn into a structure greater than that of man. Consumed by venom that infects your molecular structure, chromosomes are distorted. It is then that hibernation begins. Cocooned in a womb of spun silk, suspended from a roof or beam, a new beginning is ready to commence. Upon waking all previous memories are erased.

Her piercing iris fixated on the skin above my shoulder, relinquishing my control and rooting me to the spot. “Men just want to be so callous but in my dreams we’re still screaming and running through the gardens. All of the walls that they built in John’s reign finally fall and all the houses they built for John finally fall the history behind them meant nothing at all.” Her heated words arose discomfort in me as she turned to me with tears of blood running down the contours of her slender face. The pallor of her skin contrasted against the shadows that blurred around us as she looked at me.

Extending my hand to her, I pulled her from the cold severity of the floor to the heat of my body. Leaning my head round her neck and breathing heavily upon her sallow skin before whispering “Angel, I do not know how long we’ll last, we have barely just made it through our past.” A Shrill whistle of steaks piercing through the air lodging themselves into the pillars that stood around us, a baritone of men’s voices reverberated through my ears as the whistle of steaks which flung from their wood and metal crossed contraptions.

Flaming torches suddenly illuminated the smirched glass surrounding us. The iridescent light flew through the air in a spiral of molten colour and hit the sheeted wooden cladding. Flames engulfed the building and licked the wooden frame. Golden tones swirled round us in a whirlpool accentuating the hollows in her face. “We’ll meet again, I don’t know where, I don’t know when but I know we’ll meet again, someday” I expected to see fear looking back at me. Instead I saw tranquility and acceptance. She knew we were going to die again.

Accepting our end, the beasts that turned against us. Mockery and torture of our kind was expected, but who are the real beasts? The ones that regurgitate life or the ones who end it.

I awoke to find myself in the constricting clutches of an organic material which grasped at my skin. Struggling, I heard the abrupt snap on the material as I fell through the air and hit the floor full force. My sight faded into a black abyss and upon awakening and awoke to find my arms draped in a sheet of plasm. These could not be my arms? Not my skin. The felt alien to me, and with them, they grasped the seemingly thicker air. I pulled myself from the cold severity of the floor and fell straight back down. It was as if I was an infant again learning or the basic mobility’s of the body. On discovery of a shattered mirror lumped against the wall, I stared at its fragmented form, trying in vain to get a clear picture of myself. I could not recollect what I looked like previous appearance that was not my face it resembled nothing of who I was. The unnatural pallor of the skin, long red hair coupled with irises which echoed the ages. I ran my hands along my body trying to intake all the new contours of my body from my navel, across to my petite breasts protruding through the curvature of my new being.

A shriek of iron slamming broke me from my trance. Abruptly I span around to find a door crusted in rust, alongside a pile of clothes and towels stacked neatly in front of it. I rushed to the pile to rid myself of this membrane of slime. In spite of being drenched in this peculiar liquid, I felt no cold on my bare body. Not even a shiver ran through my spine as I dressed the fitted curvature of my body; filling myself with more confidence after being so exposed to my captor. Upon turning I found myself face to face with a mysterious young woman. No more than a few feet from me, she began gyrating. As she reviewed me with her eyes, I stood motionless. Her gaze rendered me completely unable to move from sheer terror. She came closer toward me the green flecks of her irises penetrating my gaze.

“You are exactly as I had imagined you.. so acquitted, so fledgling and true.” She spoke in a sweet rhythmic tone.
“Wh-o-o is I?” I sputtered with my new mouth.
“You are my Emily. Separated for over a century, but I have found you. I am Angel.” At the mention of her saccharine name, my mind was sent back centuries.

“I’m a vampire?” Smirking, she ran her hands through my long, fine hair.
“Not entirely. We are a form of vampire called Lele. We can do much more than the typical race.” I stared closer into her eyes and noticed she had no pupil. Only a fiery green with golden tint consumed the orb of her eye. I became fixated by this point of focus on her before she struck me from my stare. “It is my eyes, is it not?... It is to be sunrise soon; you had best come with me.”

She led me into a concrete shell of a room with two capsules of an otherworldly design. “Open” she said with a strong tone. The capsules opened simultaneously, the door sliding vertically.
“When are we? I mean what year is this?” She looked at me and smiled as she levitated across the room. Her clothes fell from her body as she floated towards the casket.
“2203. Now we had best hurry, we are running short on time.” Climbing into my pod with none of the finesse that she carried, I laid down and fell instantly into deep slumber.

She kissed her way up my neck before planting a kiss as sweet as nectar upon my lips. Her hands ran to my breasts where she caressed me softly down to my hips. As her body intertwined with mine, shivers and shocks of pleasure spread throughout my body. My fingernails slid slowly up the insides of her thighs as she sighed in pleasure. Gently sliding my tongue between her lips, they parted eagerly to allow me free entry. As my fingers came to rest below her navel I was disturbed as I felt her venomous lips edge down my body, kiss by kiss intoxicating me, heightening my senses to the point of combustion. Ready to ignite over the smallest flare of affection, she then kissed down past my navel and faded into the shadows around me. She was gone.

I woke to find myself alone. Still within the mechanized casket, I climbed out to find Angel stood in the corner of the room. She turned to me and smiled. “Time to feed, to consume and satisfy your crave, your need.” Leading me by the hand into a corridor, I stood facing a large landscape window. She opened it and a cold shock-wave of air blew across my face. I looked out in front of me and could not believe the skyline that stood before me. It shimmered, illuminating buildings and mechanized carriages engulfed the streets.

She led me to the rooftops where nothing but lights were visible. “What a surreal world.” I spoke from astonishment and excitement. “What a spectacular sight to uphold! The sounds, the rush of flesh and lights.”
Running to edge of the building, she propelled herself across the void. I followed in her footsteps, flying through the air to the building parallel. We leapt from rooftop to rooftop, following the balls of our feet. As we flew through the air I cast my gaze to the city that surrounded us; sights of parents putting their children to bed, couples sat down watching a fluorescent box and disputes of the household. We followed the rows of structures till we reached a tower of red brick that dwarfed the one where we stood.
A window stood before us, its light contrasting with the vast others. We peered through it from our ledge and saw a young girl asleep in her bed. Angel leapt to the sill where she lifted the propped window and climbed into the room.

Following her into the room, I found her lain there so perfectly. So sweetly and so innocently. I could feel the lightness of her breath and the blood pulsating through the arteries of her neck. I felt seduced by the fluxuation of her heart rate between its beats. At the child’s bed side, I swept back the locks of blonde hair and felt the salivation of my mouth as I prepared to bite into her tender skin.

Sinking my hooked teeth into the succulent flesh of her neck, a fluxuation of shock struck the child as her eyes lids burst open. Her lungs gasped for a supplement of air as her body fell limp against me. I had drawn the life from her, my teeth barricading themselves deeper into her neck; drawing in her sweet nourishment.
Trickles of blood ran down verges of my mouth. I was done with her, my thirst quenched. Angel took hold of my hand, pulling me closer to her as she lent in to my lips and licked the fast clotting blood from them.
Running her hands through my hair, and around to my cheeks, she stroked my face with her silk screened finger tips and kissed my lips with spiraling passion. Pulling away, with her hands still perched on my cheeks, she spoke in a salubrious tone “I would rather have had one breath of your hair, one kiss from your mouth, one touch of your hand, than eternity without it.”


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