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Remember the plastic fake vampire fangs? The ones you had to stick in your whole mouth and couldn't eat drink or even talk really? Thank goodness those days or sporting fake vamp fangs are over!

Fake Vampire Fangs Sexy Bite FangsNow fake fangs look WAY more like real fangs and actually allow you to function while wearing them.

The pair featured on this page are Custom Designer Sexy Bite Fangs. They are smaller than normal fangs, so they create a subtle look. We have many other available so feel free to check out all our vampire fangs.

These vamp fangs are small, very realistic and have a great fit!

One thing you should keep in mind with the newer style fake fangssexy bite vampire fangs is that although they look so much more like real fangs than the old style vampire fangs we used to have to deal with, they are also a bit more work to get 'just right' but well worth it.

The plastic (included) needs to be heated and inserted into the vampire teeth caps. This forms a perfect mold around your teeth and (after drying time) provides for and allows a perfect fit. It may take a couple of trys to get it just right but as I mentioned well worth it.

If you don't get it right, dip the vampire fang in hot water, wait a few seconds and lift out the plastic. Voila', fresh fangs.

Whether using these for Halloween fangs or just vamp fangs to look like a cool vampire, these fake vampire fangs are a good choice.

Need em' larger? No problem! See our Scarecrow Fangs

What Others Have Said Regarding Sexy Bite Fangs:

"Long lasting and realistic looking."

"I love these fangs. I have to say... I have a pair of the Scarecrow fangs and the Sexy Bites fangs. The Scarecrow fangs are much easier to apply... and look great... however, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw how realistic the Sexy Bites fangs looked. They are a little hard to apply at first and it may take some times to get them the way you want them. When you do, I'm sure you'll love them. They are applied using a Thermoplastic substance which can be melted in boiling water. The good thing about the thermoplastic is if you don't get it the first time... you can reheat the thermoplastic and try again... there's no need to buy any back-up kits. These are a great Halloween idea."

"I am so happy I bought Sexy Bites. I received so many compliments I lost count. Many people said they were very realistic looking. Some just kept staring at me and then would finally ask how they were attached. There was a kiddie birthday party going on in another room. The party entertainer came over and said the kids were requesting to see the REAL vampire and he asked if he could let them look at me. It was awesome! That being said though, the thermoplastic was VERY hard for me to work with. When I got it hot enough to mold, it would be too hot for my fingers. Be PATIENT. Well worth it. If you have no patience, Fixodent works great! ;) "

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