Stunning Female Vampire Art

Sexy, Powerful Female Vampires

This page is dedicated to female vampire art. Although Vampire Empire features talented vampire art work from allover the world of both male and female, let's dedicate this page and give it up for the girls!

female vampire artMeet Ylanis.

This sexy female vampire picture draws you in the second yousee it. The contrasting colors of the dark darks and the pale whiteskin add intense interest to this sexy vampire painting.

sexy female vampire art

This beautiful vampire Goddess is called Vamp in Winter and remains oneof the site favorites. How can it not. She is stunning.

custom female vampire art
This is Vampire Mistress. Click on the image to get a full view of thisbeautiful custom female vampire painting. You'll see her fledgingvampire clutching at her. This is a custom fantasy painting. Custom asin created from an image of a photo submitted. The photo is then turnedinto a piece of custom vampire art based on the direction of the buyer.You will be forever immortalized as female custom vampire art. How freakin'cool is that?

female vampire art
One of the latest discoveries to grace the pages of this website is alovely vampire picture titled "In The Night." Stunningly beautiful weare captivated by the lovely vampire woman at the fore front of thepicture. Click image to see in full detail.

href="">original female vampire artWhat is it about abeautiful vampire girl that makes it hard to look away? Now couple thatwith a look of innocence and the artists exquisite attention to detailand you have our next female vampire painting.

made to order female vampire artThis is anothercustom vampire artwork made from a photo. If you click on the image youwill see the whole painting is of the Brides of Dracula. Very cool wayto be immortalized!

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