The Beautiful Female Vampire

What is it about These Vampire Vixens that Oozes Power?

All things female vampire! This page and all it's connecting pages are your best resources for all things female vamp including vampire female art, vampire female pics, Hollywood female vamps, story lines and vampire tattoo designs.

beautiful female vampire
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Over the years we have been introduced to many of these luscious, mysterious and powerful creatures of the night.

From fangs to fashion, seduction, death, destruction and forbidden love. They have our attention.

Some of the most beautiful art on this site consists of the vampire female art. Most of our art is original in content and was produced by talented artists throughout the world.

We have seen women in so many roles of being the victim, it is empowering to see the vampire chicks in all their strength and glory.

female vampire movies underworldIt is hard to deny that Kate Beckinsale in Underworld is one of our most powerful female vamps to date. She was kicking butt and taking names while staying true to herself. Very empowering indeed.

As far as TV series go, Darla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is a female force to be reckoned with. Conniving, sexy, seductive and just plain bad she is a seductress with no soul.

female vampires claudia interview with the vampireOne of the most unexpected vampire girls to date is Claudia from Interview With The Vampire. A mere child, there would never be a happy ending for poor dear vampire girl Claudia.

Jumping back to the Buffy series, Drusilla brought her own uniqueness to the scene. Although some considered her mad, she entertained us all with her seductiveness that verged on creepiness. She is definitely one of the most interesting of the female genre.

female vampire movies dusk till dawn selma hayekWho can forget Selma Hayek in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ with her sexy dance and a snake wrapped around her neck? Her role is a favorite among Selma fans.

This tribute to the beautiful female vampire continues with:

Unique and Beautiful Vampire Art. You will be hard pressed to find some of our unique pieces any where else on the web.

Custome Vampire Paintings. Original Fantasy Vampire Art

Beautiful and Sexy Vampire Sketches. We have sketches already created or we can design a piece to your specifications or model. That goes for most of our art. Where else are you going to find that?

Original Vampire Stories with a strong female lead characters

Vampire Tattoo Designs starring our famous vampire vixen

...and more!

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