Forbidden Love Part I - Vampire Short Story

by TheFinalHikari

Forbidden Love

Tonight is the night…

She laid awake, staring up at the ceiling of the dark room. The ceiling fan in the middle of the room spun lazily, its speed slow. It only created the gentlest of breezes, so faint it was hardly noticeable. She listened to her younger sister’s gentle and consistent breathing in the bed on the far side of the room, positive that the young girl was sleeping soundly. She closed her eyes to listen more closely to the faint noises coming from the hallway; the old members of her large family were all retiring for the night.

We’re going to meet again…

Even though she felt tired, she was driven and kept fully awake by a sense of eagerness and anticipation. The feelings were almost painfully strong, and undoubtedly impossible to dismissed. She wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep, even if left to lay in her comfortable bed for several hours. The warmth of the house wasn’t as comforting to her as his embrace would be, even if it was out in the cold night. Her fingers came to rest upon the small bandage on her neck as her thoughts wandered far away from the quiet suburban house.

We’ll finally get to see each other again…it seems like it gets harder to meet every time.

She heard the bedroom door across from the room she shared with her sister creak as it was opened and closed. She held her breath as she strained to hear every detail of their movements. If she assumed anything incorrectly and was caught, her charade would be abruptly ended. She always tried not to think of the consequences, both immediate and long term. It was too worrisome, especially since she knew she couldn’t escape even if she wanted to. Soft footsteps trailed down the hallway, disappearing into her parent’s bedroom. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to focus on her current predicament. She couldn’t spare too many thoughts to what would be happening later that night; she had to worry about sneaking out unnoticed.

Everyone is so suspicious now…of course, they have no idea what’s really going on…

She sat up and carefully pushed the sheets aside. She pulled her loose nightgown off to reveal a knee length black skirt and a form fitting red tank top. Although she didn’t particularly enjoy maintaining the persona of the model high school student, with reputable friends and excellent grades, it made it easier for her to carry on her deceptions. It made all her family members trust in both her and her judgment, even if it was somewhat misplaced. She knew what she was doing was wrong; but in such an unusual situation, it was impossible to make it acceptable.

They’re biggest worry is that I have a boyfriend that they wouldn’t approve of… They’ve realized that I’ve been acting differently, but they have no idea that I’m sneaking out at night. I have to keep it that way.

She folded the blanket and adjusted it beneath the sheet to make it seem as though there was still a sleeping form resting in her bed. It wasn’t enough to fool anyone upon closer inspection, but if her sister woke up to go to the bathroom and only glanced over, she wouldn’t realize anything was amiss. If any of her relatives peaked into the room to see if everything was alright, they probably wouldn’t notice that she was missing. She knew her family, especially her parents, were becoming more prying as they became more suspicious of her actions.

They’re worried I’m getting wrapped up with an older guy or something like that… But they wouldn’t be too far off base with that, since he is older than I am.

They just don’t know that he’s several centuries older than I am…

She crept across the room to her closet, carefully sliding the door open so it didn’t make a sound. She reached in to retrieve a pair of fashionable black boots and slowly pulled them on and tied the laced fronts. Although the very dark attire seemed cliché when she wore it, even to her, she knew it was more fitting for what she was doing than anything else she owned. The dark colors didn’t make her stand out when she was sneaking around her peaceful, residential neighborhood in the middle of the night. Even if she ended up in a less savory part of time, she would be dressed the part to blend in there as well.

If they knew the truth…well, they wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell them.

She stood up and reached into her closet once more to pull out a rather casual denim jacket. It was dark blue in color, not black, but it still didn’t stand out like a light color would at night. Most of her clothes were very light colors, including white, which would stick out like a sore thumb even on a moonless night. She took a deep breath, preparing herself for her escape. Although she was used to it, and it had come to feel routine, there was still a degree of guilt that she couldn’t shake off.

After all, people like him aren’t supposed to exist…

She made a few adjustments to her attire before she started toward the door to her room. All of her movements had to be maddeningly slow and careful to ensure she didn’t make a sound. She knew exactly which boards in the hallway and on the staircase would make loud, incriminating creaks. She also had to often grease the hinges on her door to make sure they didn’t produce any tell tale squeaks when being moved. It was needless to say that she took many steps to ensure she wasn’t caught; sometimes she found herself surprised with how deviously her mind could work.

In this world…vampires like him are supposed to be nothing more than fantasy.

She hardly chanced a breath as she snuck out into the empty hallway. She was tense and worried but made every step with care as she descended the stairs. She didn’t reach for the handrail for support, since it might make a noise that would alert her family to movement. She knew the rest of her trip, in the house at least, was relatively easy once she reached the bottom of the stairs. Sounds on the first floor didn’t carry nearly as incriminatingly as they did on the first floor.

I know that it’s wrong…

She let out the breath she had been holding as she walked into the dining room. Her destination was the back door in the kitchen, since she knew their highly nosy neighbors would notice the front door opening and someone running away. Her boots were knee high, and though the heels were only about an inch high, they weren’t the easiest things to run in.

He’s not even supposed to be here…

She reached the back door and opened it in a manner of moments. Her expression was determined; she was a stubborn girl, or as he put it, surprisingly willful for a human. She knew that if more people knew what she was doing that they would admire her ‘bravery;’ she had heard the word before, but it was only us because they were unaware of all her fears.

And we’re certainly not meant to be together…

She took a deep breath as she slipped out into the cold night air. The change in temperature sent a chill down her spine; the warmth of summer was fading quickly, replaced by the cold of autumn. The moon that hung in the sky was nothing more than a crescent, providing very little light to the Earth below. Her hand hadn’t even released the cool, metal knob when the mood of the night changed suddenly.

But I still love him.

A strong hand shot out of the shadows, seizing her wrist. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt herself being pulled toward the stranger, but her reflexes were surprisingly quick from the tension of worry. The person had to be a man; the strength of his grip, though it felt almost inhuman, was more than enough to confirm that. She wrenched her arm away from the man, using the doorknob as leverage to pull herself away.


She pulled free, but his fingers closed around the loose sleeve of her jacket. She hurriedly shrugged out of the garment, trying not to scream in panic as she broke into a run. She didn’t bother with her secret route out and sprinted through the flowerbed on the side of the house, her eyes settling upon the sidewalk. It would draw unwanted attention to anyone looking out of their windows, but what choice did she have?

Is this…?

She heard footsteps following behind her, confirming her jumbled thoughts. She didn’t want to give in to fear so easily and kept running, determined to put distance between herself and the man. She felt breathlessness and fatigue trying to slow her pace as she took shallow gasps of the cold night air. She kept running down the side walk, running, running, and running. The encounter was fleeting and she couldn’t remember when the hurried footsteps stopped.

This can’t be…

When she was away from the familiar houses on her block, and she was certain no ominous sounds were following her, she chanced a lance over her shoulder. There was no one in sight, but she hardly slowed down. She felt her legs starting to ache as she continued down the familiar road, turning toward the area of town where all the older houses resided.

It’s too soon!

The sidewalk turned into nothing more than a shoulder on the road, and there was only a lamppost on the main road. It was a dot of light in the far distance, but even the windows of all the old houses on the street were dark. Many of them sat empty, waiting for the demolition services that always seemed to get delayed.

Who was that man?

Only a single candle burned in the front window of the oldest house on the block. She finally stopped running when she reached the gate, fumbling with the lock as she tried to unlock it. She kept the heavy old key in her pocket, but her hands trembled too violently for her to be able to get inside quickly.

Was he another vampire? How could another be here? That isn’t right!

...story continued...

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