Forbidden Love Part II - Vampire Short Story

by TheFinalHikari

...story continued from Forbidden Love Part I - Vampire Short Story. Click to read Part I first.

The key slipped from her fingers and landed on the group without making a sound. She cursed her poor luck and ran her fingers through the soft grass, trying to find the key around the bottom of the heavy metal gates. She kept glancing over her shoulder to see if her pursuer was anywhere in sight, though she knew that if he was another vampire, that he would probably appear in the shadows at the worst possible time.

They couldn’t have found him already!

She felt the frustration ebbing into despair when she suddenly felt gentle fingers settle over hers, reaching from the other side of the gate. She blinked when she looked up, amazed at how her panic started to melt away when she found herself staring into familiar violet eyes. They were only a few inches apart, divided only by the metal gate.

Ah! He came out to help me…

She opened her mouth to speak, but he held a finger to his lips to signal her to be silent. He pressed the metal key she had dropped into her hands. She nodded numbly as she stood up to undo the lock. She chanced a few glances up at the calm expression on his familiar, handsome face she unlocked the gate. She knew vampires had an unnatural beauty and air of dignity about them, but still always found the deep shade of purple in his eyes mesmerizing.

He usually doesn’t come out to see me when I first arrive…did he just see that I was struggling?

He pulled the gate open and she quickly stepped inside, glad to be in the sanctuary of the old house. He replaced the lock and wordlessly wrapped an arm around her shoulders as he guided her toward the front door. She wanted to give into the feeling of safety she always felt when she was beside him, but was hesitant. Even though they were now together, it wasn’t enough to ease her fear from the unexpected encounter before.

Or did he know something was amiss…?

There was also the matter of her family. She felt somewhat guilty for running away, though there was little else she could have done. It was likely that if it was a vampire, that they would have been targeting her. However, even if that was the case, she knew that if they were serious they wouldn’t hesitate to drag her family into the matter. She didn’t understand the customs or ways of the vampires, since there were so few that dared appear in human settlements.

But at least we’re together now…even if someone did come, even if a vampire found us, I would be safe as long as I’m with him…


Even as they stepped inside the old house, the temperature of the air was still cold. The hallways was illuminated only by a candle on the table beside the empty coat rack. The house was empty - or at least it was supposed to be - and the furnishings inside were rather barren. Only a few old pieces hadn’t been taken by the heirs in change of the estate. It had stood empty for so long, without any people at all coming inside, she had known it would be the perfect place for the vampire she had fallen in love with to stay. It was close to her own home, making it easy to escape to.

This still feelings wrong…I don’t know why…but I just can’t stop shaking.

She remembered the early times briefly, though her reflections upon them were oddly bittersweet. She felt suspicious, and that was a feeling she didn’t want to experience with him. She had freely given him far too much - her blood, her love, her life - to start wondering if she was being used. It was something that would undoubtedly tear her apart if she gave into it.

Even…even if it is the truth.

The spacious living room was decorated with very few pieces of furniture. There was a couch and a table in the middle of it. There was a thin layer of dust upon the table, but the candles set on it were all burning brightly. The lighting was romantic, though she didn’t feel nearly as comfortable as she usually did. It was often like coming home, since she had become quite accustomed to having him stay in the old abandoned house.

“What happened?” he asked quietly as they both sat down on the couch. He kept his arm wrapped around her, and she sighed as she leaned her head against is shoulder.

“I was chased. There was someone waiting for me outside, in the back yard, and they tried to grab me…,” she trailed off, closing her eyes as she shuddered at the memory. “I pulled away and ran all the way here…I don’t know when the man stopped following me, or where he went, or…” she stammered a he placed a finger over her lips.

“I understand, you don’t have to go on,” he said reassuringly. “You know that if any human tries to harm you like that, you jus have to call my name. I’ll hear you from anywhere…we are, after all, connected.”

“It was too sudden,” she said with a sigh. “I wasn’t thinking straight, I was still so worried about sneaking out without my family hearing me.”

“As long as I’m sustained by your blood, it’s only right for me to protect you.”

‘Right.’ Is anything about this ‘right?’

She reached to the bandage on her neck that covered the tell tale unhealing marks. She pulled it off slowly, hesitant to admit her suspicion about the man who had followed her. She couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched, even as he leaned over toward her neck. The warmth of being so close to him offered little comfort. She felt his lips against her skin, his tongue over the sensitive injury.

But…that person…I have no proof that he was a vampire. Theoretically, if he was, then I should have been able to pull away so easily… If a vampire was after me, then he would have pursued me until he captured me…

Before he had the chance to sink his teeth into her neck, they were abruptly interrupted. The peaceful silence was broken as the deafening sound of glass breaking apart filled the room. Her eyes widened as she clung to him tightly as the windows on the far side of the room shattered. They were accompanied by no wind, just sharp shards of glass raining down.



Why is this happening?

“That presence…another vampire?” he exclaimed as he hurriedly moved away from her and stood up. “I’ll take care of this, you have to hide!”


“Wait!” she exclaimed as he ran off, moving with inhuman swiftness.

Don’t leave me!

The words didn’t come, and even if they had, it wouldn’t have made any difference. She shivered, shaking her head in dismay. She felt herself starting to shake more violently as she tried to stand, but the sickening feeling of terror made her unsteady on her feet. She stumbled, almost knocking one of the candles on the tables down as she started toward the door into the hallway. The only suitable places to hide would be in the upstairs of the old house.

Why couldn’t he have stayed with me? Is that dangerous?

She felt and heard the shards of glass that littered the floor crunching beneath her feet as she stumbled forward, willing herself to cam down and run. Her heel caught one of the mangled pieces of metal that held the ornate old glass windows in place, and she instantly felt herself falling. The sharp edges of the glass seemed to glint ominously in the candlelight as she imagined them digging into her bare skin.

This just can’t be happening… It can’t…

Before she hit the floor, she felt a strong hand roughly seize her wrist. She blinked in surprise, but the grip on her wrist wasn’t at all gentle. In fact, it was coldly familiar. She gasped in despair as she was abruptly pulled back to her feet and against the body of a tall man. She looked up to see the identity of her captor, but her gaze settled upon the vampire’s fangs in his grin before she looked to his eyes.

It can’t be real…!

“Well, well, so you’re the human who agreed to do the forbidden,” the vampire remarked, sounding entertained. “I’m impressed you’ve managed to get away with giving your blood to sustain a vampire for so long without anyone finding out.”

This has to be a nightmare…it has to be!

He grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back, pinning them together with one hand. She grimaced in pain as he did, but her attempts to struggle were useless. She tried to pull away, but it was a futile waste of energy. She felt her eyes fill with tears as the vampire pulled the collar of her shirt away, tearing the material as he did. She knew what was coming, but even so, she knew it wouldn’t be anything like when her beloved drank her blood.

Because if it isn’t…

“He’s kept you alive as his sacrifice long enough. You know far too much about us to remain here…but there’s no reason to waste the last of a human’s blood,” he said smugly.

Then I’m…

When he leaned over and she felt his fangs pierce her neck, the agony made her cringe. She was powerless against the strength of a vampire. She felt him sucking her blood away, as quickly and mercilessly as he possibly could. She was no stranger to the risk of having a vampire drink her blood. She knew that if the time came when the vampires simply couldn’t control themselves - or simply chose not to - that they could easily take the life of the human.

I’m going to die…

She felt her body becoming weak. The cold of the room started to feel farther and farther away, as did the pain of having her blood ruthlessly drank. She started to go limp as her senses all became numb. Patches of darkness clouded her vision, slowly taking over until she could see nothing else. The same darkness came to envelop all of her senses as she slipped away. Her eyes fell closed as one final thought resounded in her failing mind.

Without telling the one I love…goodbye...

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Dec 13, 2017
lol NEW
by: Anonymous

This series was amazing you have to update it!

Nov 07, 2013
great story! NEW
by: Anonymous

I love this story SO MUCH! You have to write a book!

Mar 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

it was great! well done, keep writing!:)

Mar 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

aww so sweet and cool write more like she was found and saved and all that stuff

Dec 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Simply amazing,beautiful,exciting and foreboding all at the same time.

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