Fright Night Started My Intial Love Of Vampire Movies

by Cara Faith Donovan
(Verbena, AL)

The Fright Night Movie

The Fright Night Movie

Fright Night Started My Intial Love Of Vampire Movies

I absolutely fell in love with Chris Sarandon in Fright Night. I know it wasn't a classic but to this day I will still watch my old VHS of this flick. The bedroom scene was one the most romantic I've seen and as a paranormal romance author myself, that's always what pulls me in.

So fangs to to Chris Sarandon for making my heart beat a little faster and filling my dreams. If you haven't seen this film yet make sure you give it a try. Not a lot of blood and gore but definitely a movie you don't want to miss if you love the vamps!!

Cara Faith Donovan


Cara Faith, I have to agree with you on this gem of a vampire movie being one to watch. I love Fright Night. It's one of the all time classics and should be put on every vampire enthusiasts 'must see' list.

Thank you for your review.


Anna from Illinois said:

Fright Night is one of my favorites to this day,I fall asleep to the great soundtrack every night. It was just a great film I really enjoyed as a kid and it's my favorite as an adult.

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