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Gothic Vampire Girl Gabrielle

Stunning gothic vampire art. Unique female vampire artwork. Talented female vampire painting.

With Vampire Empire’s success in bringing you stunning original vampire paintings, we would like to showcase this unique and talented vampire artwork titled 'Gabrielle' Vampire. This painting was created for our art enthusiasts to enjoy.

gothic vampire girl
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art Patricia Petruzzella.
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This page is dedicated to artist Patricia Petruzzella aka vampirekingdom of Argentina and her beautifully stunning original gothic vampire art titled ‘Gabrielle' Vampire.

When I first saw this vampire painting of this beautiful gothic vampire girl I was immediately struck with a feeling of... well... I am not quite sure: longing, sadness, conplacement, gratification, fufillment? Or aloneness perhaps?

There are so many emotions emanating from this single beautiful vampire portrait, it is hard to pinpoint just one. That type of emotion takes a lot of talent as an artist to produce.

I love how she is peering into the mirror and the same image has her looking back. A portrait within a portrait.

The wine glass of blood red blood is an excellent touch and the soft glow of the lantern just adds a the perfect old world feel.

We are proud to have this original gothic vampire art piece here at the Empire.

More on the artists:

Patricia Petruzzella, aka vampirekingdom states:

"Amateur of art, I enjoy all types of its expression.I have ventured on various modalities and medias: pencil art. oil painting, ottery, but in the last few years I've become passionate about digital painting and photomanipulation.

I've been in love with vampire themes all my life, to which I've done many art works, among which is this piece: a vampire woman, who cautivates with her beauty, frialty and meanness, refined, she drinks blood from her cup, discarting and forgetting her victims".

If you would like to learn more about or contact artist this artist, or if you would like to learn more about obtaining custom original vampire art of your own please contact us through our Vampire Empire contact form.

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