I Am Legend Will Smith

by Sailendra

I am Legend Will Smith

I am Legend Will Smith

As one of the best vampire movies that I watched so far, I prefer the movie “I am legend”. Will Smith stars as the main character in this epic vampire flick.

Of course, I really like vampire moves so watching any film vampire related is always a must for me.

They are full of action, adventure, and usually a good story too!

The I Am Legend movie is directed by Francis Lawrence, and as I mentioned, stars Will Smith as the main character. Will is AWESOME in this!

The story is based upon a struggle of a human to survive. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville played by Will Smith, an Army virologist, is left as the last healthy human in New York City.

Three years earlier, while researching the cure of cancer, Doctor Alice Krippin, played by Emma Thompson, altered the measles virus with a 100% success rate, but unfortunately the virus mutated into a lethal airborne strain that spread worldwide killing nearly 90% of humanity.

Among the 600 million survivors, only 12 million people possessed a natural immunity to the virus. The rest of the survivors suffered from baldness, paleness, and possessed aggressive behavior who were referred to as "Darkseekers." who killed the remaining immune human population.

The so-called "Darkseekers" in I Am Legend would like to hide in dark places during the day due to a painful intolerance to UV radiation.

They would not tolerate the sunlight. Robert Neville who starts searching for the people who are free of such disease during the day and struggles upon his existence too.

Unfortunately, one day he loses his only alive friend, his dog.

At last, he finds a lady who is free of the vampire like virus and struggles with her to save their life and regain the existence.

The story, the animation, and work of both the director and the actors impressed me much so I would prefer I am Legend, Will Smith at his finest, as one of the best vampire movies that I have watched.

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