I love Edward Cullen Because

by Mary Wilson
(Columbus, MS, USA)

I love Edward Cullen Because...

To put it quite simple, I love Edward Cullen because he represents what every woman wants. Maturity, Sincerity, Masculinity, Protectiveness, Passion and all of this is due to the life experiences he has already endured, yet appearing to be that of a teenager.

Thus automatically marking it the obvious fantasy character. His character has such a hypnotizing and addicting charisma that is seems almost impossible not to fall in love with him. The more I hear, read, see or speak of him, the more I want to believe that there is indeed a person in this world just like him.

Obviously not in a young teenager one would assume, but at a relatively decent age. The more Edward is seen or heard to the opposite sex however is more amusing as the males will defend themselves or do there best to show off their best attributes, knowing really they will never measure up to this wonderful being, how could they ever possibly top a mature, wise, immortal, guardian type being .

Edward Cullen leaves a smile on my face that only I know why the smile is there, and it turns to a smirk when others are looking at me like I have just lost my mind, because only I know what goes on in my mind.

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Jul 02, 2010
Good Job!
by: Vampire Empire

Yeah Mary... good job! Your entry qualifies for the WIN Bella's Ring contest. You followed the guidlines and now have a chance to win. Good Luck!!

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