I love The Show True Blood

by Kaitlyn
(FL, US)

I love the show True Blood. I really like the concept of people living in a world where they know about vampires. They have this drink that is blood for vampires that they can buy in stores and bars.

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The main person in HBO True Blood is this girl Sookie Stackhouse who falls in love with a vampire named Bill Compton who comes into the bar Sookie works at.

The guy that owns the Bar is Sam Merlotte. We later find out Sam is a shapeshifter and can turn into a dog. Sookie eventually finds out that Sam is a shape shifter. Sam has to deal with hidding the fact that he can transform into a dog.

Sookie has a brother named Jason Stackhouse and a bestfriend named Tara. Tara lives with this rich women and she starts to like this guy named Eggs.

Jason Stackhouse, in the first season of HBO True Blood, likes this girl and he starts taking V with her which is vampire blood. They take it because in this series, vampire blood gives you a high.

Then the girl gets killed and in the second season of HBO True Blood and Jason joins this church that is against the vampires.

Bill Compton kills a vampire and his punishment is to turn a girl, Jessica, into a vampire and then he has to teach her how to be a vampire.

Theres a bar called Fangtasia that Bill's friends Eric Northman and Pam work at where Bill killed the Vampire.

I love the show True Blood because the love story between Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse and all the problems they have to face. This is a good HBO show and it will always to keep your attention.

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The great Amazing show
by: iqfaha

Wow!! It has been a very long time since the actual essence of vampires has been captured in such an amazing way. Its a wonderful erotic drama. I love True Blood!

What a show !
by: Sangeeta

I too love this show, and haven't missed a single episode yet... I really like Bill Compton, the vampire of this series. I enjoyed watching the first season as well. Really wonder what would happen next...

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