Immortal Vampires Gothic Artwork 'Eternal Lovers'

Witness The Eternal Passion Of This Vampire Artwork

Vampire Empire offers you 'Eteranl Lovers.' Immortal Vampires brought to us by a wonderful young artist Lucky-13.

Lucky is based out of CA, USA and dedicated "Eternal Lovers' to her own love and also, for those who share the indescribable feelng of loving someone more than your own life

immortal vampires
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art of Lucky-13. Contact us
through our contact page for more information on this artist.
She gives us immortal vampires 'Eternal Lovers', and her blessings for love to grow and flourish evermore.

Stumbling across this vampire art piece the first time, you can't help but take a moment of pause to obsorb it all in. The lovers, immortal humans, clearly eternally passionate for one another remain the focal point of the piece.

However, the frame work and background also add to the tremendous beauty of this original vampire artwork.

The antique feel, the blood stains, the tendernous between the two immortals all add to the strength and uniqueness of this gothic artwork.

The artist Lucky states that 'Eternal Lovers' was born through boredom, as with most of her talented art, but the inspiration came mosly from her own life. She did it all in tribute to her fiance' whom in her words, 'loves to pieces' and wanted to show how far their love has come, and how far its going to go.

It goes without saying, she hit her dedication right on the mark.

Other artists comments...

"I have to confess that this one really caught my eye. Not only because of the emotion that this work carries but also because only a few of us can truly understand and portray a feeling of eternal passion and love like you did."

"So beautiful"

"You have jaw dropping dark art talent! Awesome."

"Your art is really impressive, good work."

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