Interview With A Vampire Movie

by Natasha

Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire

My favorite of all vampire movies is "Interview With A Vampire" movie. It has a character-driven plot, a compelling storyline, and great acting (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and Kirsten Dunst play the leads.)

I prefer my vampires on the sexy side, rather than monstrous and violent. The storyline of interview with a vampire is an exploration of three vampires, their relationships with one another, and how they come to terms with their vampirism and immortality.

Lestat is arrogant, powerful, and manipulative. He makes Louis a vampire seemingly to quell his own need to be admired and needed.

Louis spends much of the movie lamenting what he has become, riddled with guilt for the need to kill.

Louis and Lestat together find a little girl, orphaned by the plague, and make her a vampire as well.

The little girl, Claudia, is their darling for many years - but soon she becomes frustrated that she is a maturing woman trapped in the body of a little girl.

The vampirism is highly romanticized - they are beautiful, powerful, immortal, and seductive. The themes are more philosophical than horrific; the struggles are more internal than external.

The story of the Interview with a Vampire movie, based on a novel by Anne Rice, is character driven, and the movie itself is very visually beautiful.

Taken all together, for me this is just the richest of the vampire movies, neither overdone nor cliche.

interview with the vampire


Thank you for your detailed review. I have mentioned this else where on this site, there is a common misconception on the title of this vampire film. The actual title is 'Interview With The Vampire.' The novel was written and titled by Anne Rice.


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