Interview With A Vampire

by Tim
(Pennsylvania, US)

Interview With A Vampire Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst

Interview With A Vampire Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst

My favorite vampire movie is Interview with a Vampire. It is drawn from an Anne Rice novel and follows a charismatic vampire played by Tom Cruise known as Lestat and Brad Pitt’s vampire character of Louis.

Lestat had bitten Louis in the 18th century. Louis struggles with his vampire urges and to help him maintain some sense of normalcy Lestat gives Louis a vampire companion little girl played by Kirsten Dunst.

The thing that drew me to this vampire movie was the high-powered cast. It is filled with superstars in Cruise, Pitt, Dunst, as well as Antonio Banderas.

I like how the movie transitions from time periods and especially find the Creole era New Orleans interesting.

The production quality of this vampire film is phenomenal and the costumes are definitely era appropriate.

I find the vampire underground portrayed as very dark and erotic. The movie can set the tone for a romantic yet decadent evening as the movie can get you in the mood for some serious role playing.

I also find it very interesting as I rewatch the movie time and time again how many familiar faces show up.

Actors perform many of the minor roles in this movie before they became movie stars. I have found that the movie is really a Cliff’s Notes version of the novel, however, after reading it.

With that being said, I think that in the short time period presented by feature film lengths that the story is told well and maintains the core story of the book.

As this movie was produced over 15 years ago, I still find that because the movie is more of a period based work, that I can enjoy this every time I view it.

I highly recommend the vampire movie Interview with a Vampire.

interview with the vampire


Thank you for your well written review.

It is a very commonly used mistake to call Anne Rice's novel 'Interview With A Vampire' when in actuality both the vampire movie and the novel are titled, 'Interview With The Vampire.'

Just a little fun fact for you.



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