Interview With The Vampire 1994

One Of The Best Vampire Tales Ever Told

by: Dale
Cleveland, Ohio

interview with the vampire

My favorite vampire film is Interview With The Vampire 1994. The film is an epic tale.

To hear how the vampire Louis finds and loses his humanity is intriguing.

As with all vampire tales the good versus evil paradigm in always present. But even more intriguing is the way the story is told.

Each time I watch the film I am clear that I should disgusted by Louis and the way he "lives". But I hold a place for him where I feel as if he could be redeemed.

Louis is a sad character, yet a strong man. You sense his love for the family he has created for himself , but you know that it can only lead to a dangerous end.

He shows a genuine love for Claudia and Lestat, but you are certain that it will all end badly. No matter how many times I have viewed the film I am always amazed at the power of the performances to be transported through time is amazing.

You follow the characters through two centuries, all the while watching the intensity of the relationship grow.

Vampire films are a chance to step out of reality. They open your mind up to the idea of what you would do with eternity.

To see that even centuries after his wife's death , he still feels the pain of her loss is heartbreaking. To see the passion with which he describes his relationship with Lestat is almost unnerving.

The film Interview With The Vampire 1994 is truly the best vampire movie to have ever been made.

interview with the vampire

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