Interview With The Vampire Summary

by Jacob
(TX, US)

Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire

Here is my Interview With The Vampire summary. I feel that Interview with The Vampire is one of the best vampire movies ever. Anne Rice wrote the book that it is based upon and at first was apprehensive about the movie. However, in later interviews she was quite pleased with it's completion.

Continueing with this Interview with The Vampire summary, I feel that it shows a human side of a vampire. I didn't like twilight making a love movie and feel that is the worst vampire movie ever, but Interview With The Vampire shows them as compassionate creatures who live forever in an ever changing modern world.

The main character Louis played by Brad Pitt is always struggling with what type of creature that he is and how his humanity is always in question.

The other vampire Lestat, played by Tom Cruise, understands his doomed fate and enjoys the fact that humans are his food and not items to get attached too.

They change a young girl Claudia, Kirsten Dunst, who saw her parents die in a plague and she has to suffer a life without family. The vampire that questions his humanity, Louis, decided to give her the same fate that is his burden in life.

Claudia resents being a vampire, but enjoys sucking the blood of all the victims and craves more all the time.

The very demented vampire, Lestat, enjoys the fact that the little girl, Claudia, enjoys eating everyone and shows the sad vampire, Louis, this and the sad vampire further descends into sadness.

My Interview with The Vampire summary continues and I'll tell you, I like how they show the inhumanity of the little girl as a reflection of who they are really are in this world.

I think it's funny when the sad vampire, Louis, starts eating rats so he doesn't have to take human life. He's denying who he really is and that the sad point of the story.

I wish sometimes that the sad vampire would just go crazy and kill a whole town as a backlash to holding it in the whole movie

He does end up going off when a bunch of french vampires decide to kill the little girl.

It was kinda liberating when the girl died because she was just tortured the whole movie.

The sad vampire, Louis, also kills the demented vampire, Lestat, in the end of Interview With The Vampire, but the demented vampire survives.

interview with the vampire

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