Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

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Being a fan of sci-fi and fantasy of all forms, one can easily say a favorite vampire movie is Interview With The Vampire, a film based on the iconic novel by Anne Rice.

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Interview with the VampireThe film stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and is elegantly woven to tell the life story of Louis, who was turned into a vampire by the infamous Lestat.

The format is clever, for the entire film is being told by Louis to a news reporter, Christian Slater. The story grows and changes with him in a powerful way, beginning with his discomfort in taking human life and eventually blossoming into the tale of how Louis begins to accept what he is.

The acting is not only superb, but the cinematography is almost magical. From the beautiful costumes to the extravagant sets, they travel around the world and meet a number of interesting other vampires.

The soundtrack is also top notch. These encounters are not always pleasant, though the interactions and motives are fascinating.

Though she is only a child, Kristen Dunst does a superb job of playing the part of Claudia, a human child who breaks Louis heart, causing him to change her into a female vampire.

Interview with the VampireClaudia and Lestat do not get along, and their animosity climbs to a dramatic head more than once.

Also making an incredible appearance is Antonio Banderas, who leads a sect of old vampires in France and tries to encourage Louis to join them as a bridge to the modern world.

There is darkness to the vampire lifestyle that is not shied away from in this film, a horror as well as a sex appeal.

Each of these things are explored dramatically and richly, making the viewer feel as though they have truly seen through the eyes of Louis and experienced life in the way he has.

It is a delightful take on the usual vampire lore and done with such care and respect that I can’t help but love it in every way.

As previously mentioned, being a fan of sci-fi and fantasy of all forms, one can easily say a favorite vampire movie is Interview With The Vampire.

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