John Carpenters Vampires

by Edward

John Carpenters Vampires

John Carpenters Vampires

One of the best vampire movies is John Carpenters 'Vampires', made in 1998. This is my all-time favorite vampire movie because of the morbid humor and brutality that appears throughout the movie.

James Woods plays Jack Crow, the tough vampire slayer directed by the Vatican, with his bully sidekick Daniel Baldwin.

During their struggles to save the world from the vampires, they encounter all kinds of danger.

James Woods plays a devout Catholic who witnessed the brutal deaths of his parents when he was a child, and he is trying to exact revenge as an adult.

He looks and speaks to all the other cast members like an angry biker. He and his group drive around the southwestern USA in a vampire-killing truck, equipped with all the tools of their trade, including crossbows to shoot any vampire they discover, or the tow-rope to pull the vampires into sunlight so that they will ignite or explode.

This is not the classic wooden stake vampire movie, and has several very brutal scenes in it, so the viewer should be prepared before watching this movie.

Some of the funniest scenes in the vampire film are between Jack Crow and the quiet priest Father Guiteau. Jack Crow treats the priest very irreverently, but he needs the holy man to accomplish his vampire-killing tasks.

Saving the world is their ultimate task in John Carpenters Vampires, and the battles they face are very brutal.

john carpenters vampires

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