Let Me In Movie

by D. MacDowell Blue
(Los Angeles, CA)

Kodi Smitt McPhee
Chloe Grace Moretz
Richard Jenkins

Let Me In Movie Synopsis

No other film blends the pathos, horror and loneliness of both undead and human so perfectly. Kodi Smitt-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz play two not-quite-teens, desperately alone and falling in love.

But one of them is a vampire -- nor has she any choice when it comes to prey. She *must* drink from humans, and since one bite transforms others into her kind, she must also destroy them.

Yet these two outsiders find each other. Not without price. In fact, one can see in their relationship a gigantic tragedy. A mass murderer goes free. A child loses a far more fundamental innocence than anything related to sex.

More than one blameless person ends up slaughtered. Yet we also see why this turns out to be the way Owen (Smitt-McPhee) finds some hope for happiness. We see the world from his POV. Absent father. Mother numbing herself with religion and wine. Bullies sensing Owen as easy meat, getting worse with every day. Is it any surprise he ends up nearly killed?

Then there is this radiant stranger, Abby (Moretz), a mystery who ultimately wants to spend time with him, wants to play games with him. And she's lonely, so very lonely. But as Owen gets closer, he learns the disturbing truth, not only about Abby but about her "father" (Richard Jenkins) who is anything but.

A love story. Between a human boy and a vampire girl. Touching. Horrifying. Sweet. The stuff of nightmares. And our deepest hopes.

- end Let Me In Movie Review

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