Let The Right One In

by Ryan

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In

My favorite vampire movie of all time is the Swedish film 'Let The Right One In.' Although this film is of foreign make and has subtitles, it's story and elemental values are far more in depth than any other vampire story I have ever witnessed.

The story is of a 12 year old boy named Oskar who befriends Eli, a young girl his age, when she moves into his town.

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She turns to be a vampire, yet their relationship still flurishes.

Within the area in which they live is filled with corruption, and it is Eli and her guardian who keep Oskar safe.

Through a series of in depth, personal twists, the story takes a turn for the worst. Eli's guardian turns against her and she is forced to leave. Oskar ends up going with her and this is the last we see of them.

The reason Let The Right One In' this vampire movie is so good is the way the innocent relation between the two children is portrayed.

Every aspect of what goes on between the two of them has intense passion, yet still captures the innocents of childhood.

The passion inside Eli to have a friend is so realistic that is hard to not really appreciate her character. One must understand that she has been around for ages trapped inside a childs body.

Her intelligence preceeds her age and this is what makes her character so dynamic.

If you can look past the subtitles and follow the story, this movie will inspire you. I love nothing more than a good, positive relationship in a movie, and Let The Right One In creates just that.

It's story is unique in that it's not just a horror story involving vampires. It's so much more than that.

This vampire film truly captures some of sadness involved in being a vampire and makes it to were the audience can relate. I recommend Let The Right One In to anyone.

let the right one in

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by: Anonymous

In the book this is true. After Hakan fell from the hospital window he is not truly dead. He becomes a revenant, a zombie like creature and one that is out for vengeance on those who wronged him in life, in this case Eli, who denied him sex for years and years. Hakan was a pedophile before Eli enslaved him with her power and charm. When he rises he goes after Eli and anyone that gets in his way.
To cover this part of the story would have added another hour to the movie so it was cut. It was Hakan that Elie and Oskar are running from.


Great comment. Thank you so much for all the detailed info. Having not read the book myself, this offers excellent insight. Thank you for stopping by and contributing.

Poor Review
by: D.MacDowell Blue

This review consists mostly of badly describing the plot--and getting it wrong.


The vampire movie reviews posted on this site are submitted by our readers. Some get it right and some get it WAY wrong as in this case. I'd love if another reader would submit a decent review of Let The Right One In (hint hint ;)

by: Anonymous

Did you even watch this movie? Because almost nothing you say here is true. "Eli's caretaker turns on her?" What are you talking about. He didn't turn on her. He got busted! I can go on but won't. This review is just dumb.

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