Love At A Masquerade Ball

by Anna Simmons
(Covington Virginia)

I've been living in the shadows for to long. My name is Christophe De Edmond. I'm a french noble man, it is the 1800's and there is a masquerade ball and every one is having a good time. As am I enjoying the pleasure of craving there blood, they have no idea that a creature of the night a vampire is in here.

As I walk around I hear the peaceful sounds of a violin and piano. Then I feel my craving getting stronger, So then I find a beautiful youth a pretty girl that's 17. So I take her away to the grave yard out back and then just when I drank from her all my cravings stopped, And as the cravings stopped It started all over again.

I went back into the ball looking for another youth and I found one only this one was crying. So I went up to her and comfort her She just smiled and looked up and said thank you. I smiled back and said your welcome then she asked for my name I took her hand and kissed it and told her my name,After all I was going to drain her in a few minutes.

Then she turned and said my name is Lilianne Pendleton and I'm 17. Well I said and what a lovely name it is and rare also. So I asked her would you mind going outside with me and take a walk, Of course she said. As we walked out she held on to my arm and looked up and smiled at me and said I'll let go if you want. I told her she was fine then when we walked into the grave yard.

Then Lilianne looked up and said could we set on the bench and talk as we talked about our lives I took her in my arms and said don't fear whats about to happen to you. She looked up at me and saw my fangs she didn't even scream, Instead she grabbed me and kissed me and said vampires are like people to there just missed understood.

I then pushed her away and said vampires are nothing like people, Well then she said why am I falling for you? I don't know Lilianne I said with a loud scream. Then I seen her beginning to cry so I took her in my arms and said every one falls for me.

Lilianne looked up into my eyes and said when I look at you I see my true love,and not only that I accept who you are and what you have become.I took her in my arms and fell in love when she said that to me, and I told her nobody will ever hurt you my little Lilianne.

That night she told me that she wants to leave her family and come with me, I told her no but she wouldn't listen to me so I told her lets go back to the ball and I will ask her parents about it. When we went back in her mother and father came to us and asked her what on earth what she was doing with me.

I told them that I found her crying so I thought that she should take a walk outside. They both stared at each other and then said thanks for comforting our daughter but sorry we must leave umm what is your name? her father asked. I told him Christophe De Edmond sir.

Then I asked them if there daughter could possibly be with me as my token of love to her. Then her father and mother looked at each other and and slapped Lilianne in the face. My heart sank a thousand deaths and for once I was crying, I told her father not to hurt her that's when her dad told everybody to go home the party was over so everyone left.

And I was the only one left in there they made her go to her room and her dad went by the fire place and got a brander. And told the butler to go get sweet little innocent Lilianne, So when he did her dad moved so fast that I couldn't stop him he branded a circle on Lilianne's leg. And then I ran to her and then I picked up the brander and went to the fire and waited till it was very hot and branded her father on his chest.

Lilianne just looked at her father and laughed and said you have hurt me for way to long father, I will hurt no longer and her father said well finally you have grown up you little witch. Then I took Lilianne in my arms and said we leave tomorrow I will come an get you, But the sun she said and I looked at her and said ring protects me.

The next day I went to the house surprisingly her father let me in and said from last night you have proved worthy of being with my daughter. Lilianne came down thy steps and was singing, Her voice was like a thousand angels singing so we left and went to my house. She showed me all of her clothes, and then said where do I put them and I told her I will deal with them I put them in a nice dresser for her.

My sweet Lilianne I said, to her while holding her in my arms and kissed her. Then I said thy face of a beautiful angel makes me fall in love then my maid came in and said sir what shall I fix for the lady. I looked at her she said surprise me ok said the maid walking away.

When she got done eating she asked if she could retire for the night I said sure. When I went into my room she was laying there already changing into her night clothes, After she was done we layed side by side holding each other in our arms.

6 months passed it was winter now and Lilianne and I got married but something kept on bothering her I could tell. We were sitting by the fire place of my mansion and she asked me do I love her, and I told her yes more than the waking world. And then she said I want to be with you forever, So she forced me into it by putting her neck to my lips and I couldn't control myself the beast came out in me.

I bit her drank of her blood and it tasted sweet, sweeter than honey suckles on a spring morning. I whispered in her ear and you shall be with me forever I slit open my wrist with my fang and let My sweet little Lilianne drink from me. From then on we traveled together and fed on as much people as we pleased.

And we will be each others lovers from the masquerade ball.

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