Loving A Vampire

by Tonya Gregory

Loving A Vampire

She pulled back from his gazing glare,
wondering if behind his eye, he hid his lies,
of course he did, he was a predator to the core,
how could she be so blind or ever want more,

Something flinched in those red eyes piercing though her
could that have been hurt; her thoughts just a blur,
his grip on her loosed, untangling from her waist
moving away in a sudden and alarming distaste,
"we are not all animals inside" his voice low, almost a growl
she'd hurt him as if he was some beast on the prowl
"I'm sorry", her voice shook, as she took his hand
heart flared through him, would she ever understand

How hard it was to be calm when she made his blood run hot
wanting to take her now, on this very spot
but still he held back as it was much more than desire
loving her was worth it all he couldn't help but admire

Even now, so scared she pulled him back in her arms
strong, yet fragile, her hands in his palms
he breathed into her scent, nuzzling at her neck
making damn sure to keep his fangs in check.

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