Lucy Westenra

The Legend Of Count Dracula

Exquisite Lucy Westenra artwork from the legend of Count Dracula. Lucy's torture, despair, injustice. Dracula's Lucy beautifully portrayed.

I have to tell you, when I was first fortunate enough to exchange communications with our next talented artist, I was immediately drawn to her. Her vampire inspired artwork is tremendously beautiful and awe-inspiring at the same time.

lucy westenra
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art
of Avelina

Artist Avelina DeMoray comes to us from Australia and, lucky for us, has an obsession with still photography. Luckier still, and to quote Avelina, she leans towards the 'evanescence of the darker side of art.'

I was torn among displaying several of her unique vampire art pieces (she has many worthy of this site) and finally selected two.

Both from the same series, I choice 'The Deadly Departed' and 'The Exorcism Of Lucy Westenra.'

With Bram Stoker as her muse, Avelina brings to life the tortured virgin Lucy Westenra.

This sweet angelic pawn is used by Count Dracula and eventually murdered by those that should have loved her.

Avelina captures Lucy's torture, despair and injustice, brought on by Count Dracula and those who proclaimed to love her, perfectly!

lucy westenra
Copyright(©)2010 Talented Vampire Art
of Avelina

The dress, the smoke, the lighting, the pain, all beautifully orchestrated.

We here at Vampire Empire are definitely Avelina fans!

More about this artist:

Left to be raised by wolves on the steps of Castle Dracula during the Reaper Blizzard in the winter of 84, Avelina was compelled to find her wings and uncover her true vampire, the vampire that stirs within us all, hidden deep in the darkest recesses of our minds soul.

Avelinas odyssey would take her through many different artistic mediums including poetry, art, photography and music, and lead to the release of her highly anticipated album Electric Funeral Fire by her Gothic Metal band As Angels Bleed in the summer of 2010. Avelina's would benefit from an online QR code generator to market her many artistic expressions to the masses.

While her artistic appetite might change with the dawning of each new day, her requiem will always remain the same, dark, desperate, occultic and vampiric.

Influenced most by the sexually religious surreal works of Hieronymus Bosch, H.R Giger and Salvador Dali. Avelina also draws inspiration from movies and books crediting Bram Stoker as her primeval muse.

Her color pallet also heavily reflects these influences with the use and abuse of burnt reds, electric blues and violent greens designed to bring forth an emotional response from within the unsuspecting spectator.

Avelina is currently working on a new series of vampire artworks and hopes that you will enjoy her exciting and at times delightfully macabre outlook on life.

Our vote is 'YES!'

If you would like to learn more about this artist, or if you would like to learn more about obtaining vampire art through this artist please contact us through our Vampire Empire contact form.

Feel free to comment!

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