My Edward and Bella's Ring

by Amanda Veit
(Williamstown, New Jersey)

CONTEST ENTRY - For my entry I choose not to just write the amazing qualities of Edward Cullen, but I have chosen to write of my Edward, the type of guy that I hope for and his similarities with Edward Cullen.

My Edward does not have to be a vampire or some indestructible inhuman, beautiful creature, but my Edward is something much more.

My Edward is only a vampire to me, only indestructible in my eyes, and all of Edward’s traits into one. My Edward is not perfect, but he is mine.

Much like Bella I am mature, loving, and sometimes just a little bit out of my own mind. I believe my mind is also unreadable to others because sometimes I cannot even read it.

My Edward is mine and mine alone and someday I will meet him and our love will be forever and immortal.

My Edward

Hypnotizing eyes that make my heart pound,
Breathing slowly and silently as if not to make a sound,

As his arms around my waist feel cool and right
I know to others this is a fairytale sight.

Whispers in my ear and promises to keep,
As I smile knowing he’s content just watching me sleep.

Forever is sometimes short, but tonight I have no fear
That we will be immortal and that he will catch every single tear.

I’m willing to fight towards this love I have now,
Anything less my heart would not allow.

As he moves, I move…two magnets are we.
It’s amazing how easy it is just for us to be.

My Edward, I know that when I dream of you
That one day it will all come true.

When I awake, I cannot help but smile
Because my love, my soul…I know it will only be awhile…

For you to be mine and mine alone, as my eternal and immortal love.

So you see I do not want this ring for the purpose of its beauty, but its resemblance. Its symbolism for my future and my dreams, for my love that will be. Edward Cullen is Bella’s but her ring is the worlds. The ring is every girls hope to find there Edward and their life to be eternally happy.

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Jul 10, 2010
by: A.T.

Wow! So TRUE! You definitely should WIN! Awesome poem!

Jul 09, 2010
Good job!
by: Vampire Empire

Yeah... good job! Your entry qualifies for the WIN Bella's Ring contest. You followed the guidlines and now have a chance to win. Good Luck!!

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